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Learn about local drainage issues and the methods we have used for decades to resolve these problems with guaranteed results! Our company is your most reliable source for addressing flooding issues, providing drainage solutions for problems in your yard and crawl space and moisture control technologies for Wilmington, Fayetteville and surrounding areas.
Proven Drainage Systems That Solve Your Standing Water,Flooding And Water Intrusion Issues! With over 15 years experience installing drainage and dehumidification systems in both commercial and residential settings, we can help you solve your moisture issues!
Some of the more common Wilmington drainage problems experienced by homeowners after a large rain are; water ponding or pooling in low or uneven areas in the yard, water entry into the home’s crawl space from standing water in the yard or even just heavy saturation of the exterior soils, water standing or puddling on the driveway or sidewalks and water accumulation and getting in the garage through the main door or by seeping through the walls.

Planting flowers, cutting grass and killing bugs are not our forte, we have a narrow field that we specialize in – Drainage systems and crawl space moisture control.
We specialize in a broad range of drainage techniques and work with you to find the best solutions for your situation. Each storm water problem is unique and requires its own custom designed system of drainage pipes, sometimes called French drains to properly resolve the issue. While many home sites in Raleigh or Fayetteville will have 3-9 feet of elevation difference from the home foundation to the street, lending to great drainage, the majority of home sites in Wilmington have less than two feet of elevation above the street they are located on. Unlike some landscaping and pest control companies, we don’t try to do some of everything, we do one thing, control moisture, and we do it best!

At Prowant Moisture Control, we’ve been fixing drainage and waterproofing problems like these in the Wilmington area for over 15 years. Drainage solutions that are guaranteed to work and moisture control services that are second to none! The good news is an underground drainage system, in your crawl space or in your yard, can function with only a few inches of elevation to flow, if its installed properly.

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