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LDG is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the exchange and enhancement of knowledge relevant to the landscape design profession. A recent survey sponsored by a national landscaping trade association known as PLANET revealed a rising trend among consumers increasing their investments on outdoor living spaces, including patios, decks, walkways and other specialized services such as lighting and irrigation systems. As a leading landscape architect in Los Angeles, Garrett Carlson boasts of landscape designs that range from low-cost housing developments to homes of the rich and famous.
For landscaping design services that are both cost effective and beautifully created, look no further than Gary Kamisher of Gary Greenery in West LA.
Described as the Julia Child of Los Angeles landscape design, Eva Knoppel and the Garden of Eva Landscape Design Group comes highly recommended for her experience, integrity and eco-friendly, low-maintenance gardens.
For timeless landscaping that won’t burn a hole in your wallet, Ralph Robinson of Robinson Environment Design can best be described by his clients as a Merlin for gardens. At the most recent meeting, she arrived to set everything up and stayed through the introductory remarks, then cleaned up and had to get back home to continue her homework as she is still a GWU Landscape Design student at this time. The first house was the Everett residence in Chevy Chase, owned by the landscape designer Kathryn Everett.

Almost all of his clients regard him as a landscape designer who can turn the impossible into possible, and transform even the most boring of space into a tranquil paradise. This full-service landscaping design and maintenance company has built more than 100 gardens in both commercial and residential areas. He studied landscaping design at UCLA, while building gardens for himself as well as for others. She talked about not acting as a designer, but her feel for plant placement and extensive knowledge of plants was evident everywhere.
Membership is meant for students studying and professionals employed in landscape design or associated professions (i.e. Most Los Angeles homeowners hire a professional landscaper because they either don’t have proper landscaping equipment or because they simply lack the know-how to do their own landscaping. Carlson is most known for landscape designs featured at Sunset Marquis Hotel and the fire station on Muholland Drive.
What makes him one of the best landscapers in Los Angeles is his attention to detail and inexpensive landscaping solutions that will save you money while preserving the beauty of your vision.

Whatever vision you have for your landscaping needs, Stout is said be the best landscaper in Los Angeles to help make it happen beyond your expectations.
The property included a sunken garden and fountain designed by Rose Greely, the first licensed female landscape architect in Washington. Lynn Church was the designer for this property and created a small patio and seating area with a beautiful urn that Olson Weaver had up-lighted from the hardscape patio. Janet showed the group the large flowers from the Dutchman’s pipe vine and explained the life cycle of the fly that enters the flower and helps to pollinate it.
It was a very contemporary design that required an equally contemporary landscape designed by Brendan Doyle.

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