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Sadree Landscape Design has been serving Pasco, Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Hernando Counties for over 10 years!
Landscape designs done by Sadree are unique Florida friendly designs that use very little effort and water to maintain and last for many years. This Year's winner of the Community Water Wise Award in the "Residential category" is our own Steve Toenes! Below are some highlights of the awards ceremony that took place on Thursday, October 25, 2012 at Tampa City Council.
The picture below is of Shaun Sadree, Steve Toenes, and Tampa Water Department Director, Brad L. Steve's Landscape design not only won an award locally, but it was also chosen to be featured in a coffee table book by IfengSpace, a publication company located in the People's Republic of China!
In addition to the Toenes project, another one of Shaun's unique landscape designs were chosen to feature in the book. If you want to transform your outdoor space into an enviable oasis that’s a delight to enjoy and a great place to entertain, then contact us. This entry was posted in Landscaping, Pavers and tagged landscape architect, landscape designer, oil change.
Free trials available for homeowners and professionals to see what their landscape could look like without stepping foot outdoors with 3D Landscape Design Software.
Produced primarily for professional landscape designers featuring powerful 3D visuals. Primarily geared toward homeowners or smaller landscape designers with advanced 3D design. Targeted toward homeowners who need a landscape design, but do not need water features. Landscape designers have struggled for decades with ways of expressing their visions to clients, and homeowners have also experienced a hard time getting their spouses on board with their plans.
Free downloadable trial versions of 3D landscape design software are offered by Idea Spectrum Inc.
Idea Spectrum Inc released four products; Realtime Landscaping Photo and Realtime Landscaping Plus are developed for homeowners. Landscaper’s Companion App is a top gardening app whether you are an experienced landscaper or just a novice having fun with a small backyard 3D landscape. PRO Landscape Companion App allows users to visualize, and then create a design from scratch on the iPad using a photo taken with the tablet’s camera.
If you want to take your backyard design to the next level then download free landscape design software. My husband and I may not be a professional landscape designers, but we are homeowners who were trying to improve our home’s curb appeal and save some money in the process. We have learned many lessons along the way, some by learning the hard way through trial and error, some from books and online, and some lessons were learned by just asking an employee at the garden store. Head to the library for landscaping books and magazines to get ideas for plants and design. The process of designing, preparing and installing your landscape area might take you several months. But whether you hire someone or you do it yourself, hopefully these tips will help you develop your project. One step you could add for those of us in planned communities with HOA restrictions (which is the norm here in Phoenix, AZ): check your CCRs! Owner Shaun Sadree is a working artist with extensive knowledge and experience in the landscape industry. These unique Florida friendly landscape designs are not only breath taking, but also add value to the properties that carry the Sadree Landscape Design trademark.

That’s the question practically every homeowner asks when considering new landscaping. For instance, it’s cheaper to change the oil in a car in the garage or driveway than it is to take it to a service station or oil change place.
Those who choose to take on the project alone often spend quite a bit more time than planned, and more money. Designing and installing a landscape is far more complicated (and back-breaking) than planting a flower bed and requires a level of expertise and artistic vision that few amateur gardeners possess. Where many go wrong is having a goal and not being able to implement the steps to get there.
The pros know what to put where to make the biggest impact and use the least amount of resources. We are the leading landscape architect in Sarasota, Bradenton, and Manatee and Sarasota County. The successful line of software includes four separate products: Realtime Landscaping Architect, Realtime Landscaping Pro, Realtime Landscaping Plus, and Realtime Landscaping Photo. With new 3D landscape design software, visualizing landscaping ideas becomes easy and clear. Realtime Landscaping Pro is designed for both homeowners and beginner landscape designers, while Realtime Landscaping Architect targets professional landscape designers. For plant landscaping, you can have at your fingertips a comprehensive plant encyclopedia with more than 26,000 plants and vegetables, alphabetized and separated into 16 categories including houseplants and vegetables plus 21,000 color photos.
Users then have the option to transfer the outdoor landscape designs to a computer and finish it in the “PRO Landscape”. With the grid paper, you can draw it out to scale, which will be very helpful when placing plants.
Take your pictures, measurements, ideas and notes and if you are stumped, ask the staff for ideas. We consider the bay window the front, center and focal point of ours and were disappointed with the results of our first choice. In our landscaping, the color starts with some daffodils, then the azaleas start to bloom, then the rhododendron will bloom and later in the summer the hydrangea and St. You also need to know how to feed and water the plants especially that first, critical year. We saved $15 recently on our new shrubs from coupons that were printed in the newspaper and bonus book.
That is okay, because curb appeal is important to the overall beauty of your home and it’s resale potential.
By carefully planning out your area, you will most likely design a beautiful space to be very proud of.
Those are the rules that govern what you can and can’t plant in your front yard, among other things. The ads displayed by Google Adsense and BlogHer Publishing Network may or may not express the views and opinions of me, the blog owner. As an artist, landscape designs bare his razor sharp attention to detail and bring great returns on the landscape investment.
Putting it another way, each part of the overall project requires a skill set and more than just a bit of elbow grease. Many free downloads and commercial virtual landscaping products feature a wide variety of options including vast image databases to help you create your outdoor space vision. Proper visualization of a landscape design is extremely important for winning a bid or impressing a spouse, because a typical landscape design can easily cost thousands. When finalizing a design, there is nothing more powerful than a detailed 3D representation of a residential or commercial landscape.

3D appears to be the way of the future in many different arenas, and landscaping is not excluded. Each plant page includes a profile with the plant’s zone, growth rate, water and sun requirements, color and typical height and width.
This is very important to know, because you don’t want to put a shaded plant in a hot spot or you will likely kill the plant. Your local garden nursery is likely to only have the plants compatible with your zone, but if you buy through a catalog or online, you will want to know this number. Usually the nurseries are set up in sections by sun, shade, perennial, shrubs, evergreens, etc. We recently moved the original plants and planted some new ones that will hopefully work out better for us. After purchasing your plants, keep the tags in your journal or notebook for future reference.
This is easy to do in the beginning when the plants are small, but they WILL grow into their determined size.
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The end goal has to be kept in sight, so getting hung up on the details can be an impediment. Unlike assembling a new desk or putting together a toy, there’s no manual to follow in many cases.
If the visualization step is skipped and the client or homeowner is not happy with the end result, then much time and money will have been wasted. By providing landscape designers with powerful tools, and by providing customers with clear representations of what they are getting, everyone involved will benefit. With this virtual landscape layout tool, you can design a true-to-life rendering of you dream outdoor landscape and design your own garden before picking up your shovel and opening your wallet. Choose bushes and shrubs; design a flower garden, layout a sprinkler system … all on your computer. You should now know the type of area that you are landscaping, so be sure to go to the correct section, for example, if your spot is shaded, go to the section for shaded plants. We basically have 3 sections to our landscape: the center bay window, the left corner, and the section right in front of our front door.
Well, if your place is equipped with the tools and has a motor oil disposal unit, it could be cheaper.
Going off task inevitably leads to veering off path, and that too will cost more time and money. Projects are more than just planning, they require doing, and knowing what to and what not to do is key.
3D representations of a completed landscape design before work commences can ensure the finished result meets or exceeds their expectations.
The landscape app image database features an extensive range of landscaping ideas including: Architecture, Stone and Retention Walls, Walkways and Steps, Paver and Patios, Landscape Rocks, Wood Fences, Wrought Iron Fences, Water Features, Lighting, Yard Art, Bird Houses, Windows and Doors, Outdoor Furniture, and iScape Foliage.
When we were designing our front yard, we visited 3 different garden centers and I asked a lot of questions.
Factor in the time, effort, and all the things needed to do a simple oil change and the savings quickly vanish.

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