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Our company provides the most professional, reliable, and comprehensive licensed landscape service in Northern California.
We provide the most comprehensive landscape service in Northern California, and we do it with the highest quality work and reliablity. My approach to garden design is not only to create beautiful and livable landscapes to surround our properties, but also to create healthy, sustainable, drought-tolerant and ecologically rich environments. In addition to attractive and functional design applications, my horticultural goal is to incorporate both California native plants that have evolved with our local ecosystems and other plants that are adapted to our soils and Mediterranean climate. Landscape maintenance is reduced by appropriate plant choices that require no size reduction.

The use of recycled hardscape (non-plant) materials in creative ways enhances the design and lowers the carbon footprint by keeping materials on site. Your garden design will address the basic needs of a habitat garden – food, water, shelter, and a place to raise young. Thoughtfully designed gardens consider hydro zoning (grouping plants by water needs), efficient and regularly maintained irrigation, improved soil, and mulched surfaces to retain water, thereby encouraging future sustainability and decreased maintenance. In striving to adapt my designs to nature, rather than the other way around, I create natural garden designs that evoke a regional “sense of place”.

As a garden designer, it is a joy to use nature as a model and mentor for healthy landscapes.

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