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If you have a small yard and are in need of privacy screening, it is important to realize that your plant selection will be critical. Summarizing, take a little time to consider all of the factors involved when you begin to plan for privacy screening at your Philadelphia home.
Privacy Screen Hedge: A hedge is typically created by planting one variety of shrub adjacent to one another, and once the plants have filled out, shearing the hedge to create a formal look. Planted Screen: A privacy screen made from plants typically a screen consisting of tall, narrow trees closely planted in a row. Densely Planted Garden: This densely planted garden area with selected tall trees illustrates how we created beautiful landscaped garden areas that simultaneously provide privacy.
The images below illustrate a wide variety of landscaped garden plans that offer ideas for privacy screening in the garden.
Aardweg Landscaping is a recipient of the coveted Best of Houzz 2014 Award for Customer Satisfaction in Landscape Design and Architecture. Keep the hardscapes simple – The architectural features in your design are likely going to be the most expensive, so limiting your selections to simple yet powerful structures will keep the renovation budget within sight.
Use readily accessible plants – Exotic plants would undoubtedly add a colorful punch to your landscape, but they also typically come with a high price tag. Don’t let financial concerns hinder you from retaining a professional landscape designer to create plans for your front yard.

Main Line landscape design, installation and maintenance company Aardweg Landscaping of Newtown Square, PA was awarded a “Best Of Houzz” 2015 award for Customer Satisfaction by Houzz. When you consider hiring a Main Line Philadelphia company to redesign your landscaped garden, you want to deal with someone you can trust. On-site consultation – The process is immediately underway as an Aardweg representative meets with you at the home landscaping site located in communities across Main Line and suburban Philadelphia communities.
Landscape design plans – Watch your prospective lawn and garden plans come alive with a variety of visual aids.
2D, photo imaging or 3D, you are sure to be awed with the thoroughness of the Aardweg Landscaping design and installation process.
Proposal – Once you have selected your favorite design and agreed upon the figure attached to it, a written proposal detailing all the design specifications and numbers is then signed and submitted with a deposit.
Installation – With the decisions and paper work all finished, now comes the fun of watching your landscape plan develop in living color before your very eyes! From start to finish, the Aardweg Landscaping design and installation process is structured to bring you everything you want in one professional package – honesty, transparency, efficiency and satisfaction, and an all around job well done.
Certain types of plants, such as evergreens, which are excellent for screening, actually take up a lot of space.
Consult with the talented landscape design professionals at Aardweg Landscaping; we can help you create a beautiful new garden with the privacy you seek.

It makes sense then to “look your best” with a tasteful landscape plan. Not all front yard landscape designs have to be super expensive.
A simpler landscape design plan for your front yard would incorporate the use of hardy cultivars and perennials that will bring the desired vibrant hues for significantly less. Tasteful positioning of decorative planters, filled with cheerful colors and textures, can add a delightfully fresh and updated look to your front space. You also want to be certain that the landscaping process will be handled in a professional, efficient manner. In addition to these practical reasons for determining early on whether you will include a fence in your planning, the master landscape design will be impacted by whether or not there is a fence behind the planted area. Call 610-355-0703 for a complimentary consultation at your home, or contact us online through the Aardweg Landscaping website. Aardweg Landscaping, design and installation procedures follow a consistent pattern planned to give you the utmost confidence that all the steps leading up to completion, and not just the final result itself, will be “a thing of beauty” indeed! They then use this information, combined with their expertise, to formulate amazing options for your Main Line Philadelphia residence.

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