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Landscape Design Software GreenScapes is a simple Landscaping Program which allows the professional landscape contractor to take pictures with digital camera or phone camera and use GreenScapes to design outdoor spaces. The presentation value of an actual photograph depicting the planned landscape design is tremendous. GreenScapes is affordable, closes higher volume sales in less time and you look professional.
The main 'Guts' of the program is so easy to understand compared to other software packages that I was contemplating to buy. Landscape Design Software GreenScapes is incredibly easy to create a landscape design from a photograph.

A Landscape Design Program that is incredibly EASY to learn, use, resonably priced and has NO monthly fees (own your landscape design program). We have had the Landscape Design Program GreenScapes for 4 days and we have our first landscape design looking good-we are so happy to have gotten this software! An Outdoor Design Software Program that allows contractors to design gardens, interlocking pavers, lawns, hardscape, pools, even night lighting from a actual photo of your clients home or office. GreenScapes creates a photo realistic rendering depicting the proposed landscape that will impress "WoW" potential clients and a surefire way to close landscape deal sooner. So very reasonable priced, and I rate this a 10 for ease of use of a professional outdoor design program.

GreenScapes contains trees, flowers, plants, shrubs, ground cover, pools, spas, brick pavers, fire pits, BBQ's, outdoor furniture, lighting fixtures, lots of other hardscape items and much more. GreenScapes Landscape objects are dropped into the original photo on the computer screen to create your vision of the landscape design.

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