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346,135 companies have chosen the right software using ourextensive research on over 1,556 systems. Due to the software’s flexibility, it can suit your needs regardless of your company size. This software is often very slow to respond (drag and fill commands can take several minutes to complete, and trying to insert rows into an estimate can be tricky). General Contracting Estimating, Concrete Estimating, Estimating Masonry, Estimating Drywall, Estimating Painting, Estimating Lumber, Tenant Build Out Interior Contracting Estimating, Home Builder Estimating, Flooring Estimating, Siding Estimating, Estimating Roofing, Estimating Renovations,Landscaping Estimating, etc.
However, Sage Estimating is best suited for companies that run operations of at least $1 million due to its cost.

New features are always being developed and the ease of use is excellent especially in construction is important.
I hate their amount of money I have to spend every year to maintain this software with limited tech support.
Any one of the construction estimating spreadsheets is Free with the purchase of the Excel Plug In. It also offers several electronic takeoff solutions, which speed up the estimate generation process even further.
Construction firms beyond this benchmark will find this solution to be suitable for their business and estimating needs.

The UI could be also be "modernized", but when you look at the functional aspects of this products, as there many, it just performs well compared to other estimating tools on the market. I am able to produce project estimates for planning on campus renovation projects large and small.

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