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Enter the length and width, in feet, and depth, in inches, of your landscape area into our mulch coverage calculator below. Take the number of cubic yards and round up to ensure you’ll have enough mulch to fill your landscape area. There will often be deep and shallow variations in your landscape area, so it’s recommended to have a little bit extra mulch so that you can create an even surface. Contact Westminster Lawn Landscape Supply Yards for the best pricing on bulk quantities of premium mulches in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Call us today to get pricing on topsoil, gravel, sand, boulders or paver brick installation.  One call does it all!

Lester's Material Service, your family owned local business, is proud to offer bulk landscape products for pickup or delivery.
Lester's can deliver your bulk Topsoil as well as Lawn and Gardenmix to these Lake County IL and Southern WI locations.
Yes, I admit, a trapezoid bed is an odd shaped bed and making a calculator to figure out how much mulch one would take sounds like a waste of time and money. When you start to plan your spring gardening and landscaping for the season, visit our handy product calculator – shown on the right side of your screen as shown in the image below.
So here is a calculator to determine how much mulch or topsoil you would need for a trapezoid shaped bed.

There are some odd shaped landscape beds that need mulch and the best way to figure out the odd shape is to break it up into easy to calculate beds.

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