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Transforming your homes' landscape can be as simple as adding special touches with borders and curbing.
The main reason property owners install concrete landscape curbing is because they get tired of replacing rusted or broken landscape edging.
Add custom colors and patterns to match anything from your brick, stone, or a specific landscape color that you may have in your garden. With a continuous border you will stop that unwanted grass and weeds from invading your flower beds. First, the sod cutting and ground preparation is completed making the landscape ready for curb installation.
Once the concrete is mixed it is wheeled to the site, fed into the machine and extruded into a beautiful continuous border for your landscaped area. This process is normally a 1-day process, and when the crew is completed your landscape will be as clean as when they arrived.

The installer will remove the existing edging, and cut a 9 inch wide strip of sod away from the outside edge of your existing landscaping. If you have any sprinkler heads on the outside of your existing landscape edge, they will need to be moved( in many cases the installer can do this for you).
The blades of your mower will not damage your curbing, and will allow you to mow right up against it resulting in less time spent weed eating around your landscaped areas. This 4x6 mold is mostly used for dividing flowers beds, but also can be used as a colored border.
Lighted Borders can add a continuous light to your borders using a 12v or 120v rope lighting system. When it comes to edging around trees and shrubs, bricks not only keep small rocks away, but they also highlight whatever is growing within the border. Here we see low box edging maintaining formal lines, while creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia) has been used as a lower edging to help soften the edge with the brick paving.Photo of a traditional front yard landscape in Atlanta with brick pavers.

The concrete landscape curbing contractor can stamp this mold with several different types of stamps to include brick, and stone stamping. With Lighted Borders you can give a natural look to your home or landscaped areas with a spot light effect. With a continuous light you will be able to enhance your entire landscape designs at night, without being in the spotlight! If you're planning on using the brick as an edging for landscaping too, don't forget to dig a slight trench for them (as in the previous example) to help the plants from spreading underground.This is an example of a large traditional exterior. Hard-edged square and rectangular garden beds, for example, work particularly well with both very traditional landscapes and modern styles.Design ideas for a mid-sized traditional full sun backyard formal garden in Boston with natural stone pavers for summer.

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