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Hovik shares his inspiration, "I paint because it brings me joy and I paint landscapes, seascapes and flowers because I revere the beauty of Mother Nature.
Hovik Khodabakhshian is currently participating in the Gateway To Sedona Artist Competition. All artwork is copyrighted by the individual artists.Images may not be reproduced without the permission of the artist. The Casa Laguna Plein Air Collection with Artists BiosClick painting to see larger version. Don Demers: Born in Lunenburg, Massachusetts, Don originally specialized in maritime subjects, but later expanded into landscape painting. George Strickland: George began his career as a commercial artist, then moved to Arizona in 1989 to begin concentrating on Western landscape painting. John Eagle: John is a Laguna Beach artist, owner of Studio 7 Gallery, and art instructor for the City of Laguna Beach. Kathleen Robison: Another local artist, Kathleen lives in San Clemente and is represented by Studio 7 Gallery in Laguna Beach. Ray Roberts: Ray won the Gold Medal for "Best Painting" at the California Art Club and the Artists' Choice Award, the highest accolade from fellow artists, at three major Southwest art events. Richard Rice: Richard began a career in advertising and design after attending the Art Center College of Design.

We sincerely thank the many artists who have been a part of the Casa Laguna family over the years. At the drop of a hat, any art buff could name a prominent 19th-century artist, whether it's Vincent Van Gogh, Edgar Degas or Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Considering the 19th century's extreme racial divide, and the Civil War breaking out midway (April 9, 2015 will mark 150 years since the end of the war), it was difficult for black artists to break out. From Robert Scott Duncanson to Edmonia Lewis, here are five black artists who made art history in the 1800s. The artist and art critic was born in Canada in 1828, to a black father; the racial identity of his mother is unknown. Duncanson was inspired by numerous landscapes, painting scenes in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, England and elsewhere. Washington Allston was an early American artist and was one of the most highly respected and admired painters of his time.
Although he enjoyed a relatively prosperous career, Allston's painting began to decline towards the end. He began painting in the plein air style after he retired, and studied with some of the top contemporary artists of the time.
However, art still prevailed and quite a few artists were able to make a name for themselves, in the U.S.

It is said by art historians that these few years in England were Allston's most productive in his career. The budding artist started his career in Cincinnati in 1842, and then left to study in Scotland in 1853.
He later moved to Paris (where he'd settle primarily for the rest of his life), soon getting accepted into French galleries and establishing his career. Throughout his career, he painted portraits, landscapes, still life and genre scenes as well as religious and fantasy compositions. Plein Air artists generally paint "ala prima," laying down a scene with quick broad, colorful brush strokes, foregoing the typical 'building up' of paint. While he travels extensively to find subjects for his landscape work, he continues to live in Colorado with his wife and son.

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