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One of the most exciting things about urban design is how every aspect can be optimized for a more sustainable future. True to this concept, landscape design offers opportunities to foster sustainable practices. Villa D’Este, Italian Renaissance Garden is an example of sustainable landscape architecture. Simply put, an intentional sustainable landscape can help counteract the many consequences of landscaping. The plant selection stage aims to ensure that designers choose the best-suited plants for sustainable landscapes.

Finally, once the sustainable landscape is completed, maintenance of the landscape is required.
The American Society of Landscape Architects has provided numerous case studies of real-life sustainable landscapes. Go to topFeature Image: Crosswaters Ecolodge in China is an example of sustainable landscape architecture.
This is not a definite list, but ASLA covers helpful topics such as infrastructure, home landscapes, urban forests, and others.

Throughout its development, the Ecolodge created their hotel in regards to sustainable land use and landscaping. The landscape design, its sequence, and the base plan are all steps toward implementing sustainable landscapes.

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