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At the center of the Palmetto Islands Playground in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina is an expansive live oak. With this in mind, when the landscape architecture and civil engineering firm of Seamon, Whiteside + Associates (SW+A) was hired by CCPRC, they realized the replacement for the popular yet dated playground at Palmetto Islands County Park in Mount Pleasant needed to be one-of-a-kind.
The new playground boasts a modern look with a multitude of play options and physical challenges to stimulate the senses and creativity in ways not normally accomplished in your typical neighborhood playground. Seamon, Whiteside + Associates brings together top professionals in landscape architecture and civil engineering.

Existing trees serve the dual purpose of uniting the playground with the remainder of the park, providing needed shade for the long, steamy days of summer. The team made every effort to make the innovative playground as safe, imaginative, comfortable, eco-friendly and as ADA-accessible as possible. Already a hit with kids and parents, the playground has become a shining jewel in the already popular park. The playground surfaces and structures are made from sustainable materials and recycled content.

Porous and resilient, the safety surfaces are low-maintenance and the colorful design mimics the surrounding water and marsh, encouraging the interaction between the playgrounds and the park’s own natural areas.

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