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The curriculum includes courses and electives in urban landscape architecture, the eco-urban interface, and design and advocacy for parks, plazas and plantings within urban boundaries. NewSchool of Architecture and Design (NSAD), located in San Diego, Calif., and founded in 1980, is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). Many think of landscapes as a “builder allowance” of a few thousand dollars for some hedgerows, foundation plantings and flower beds that serve as mitigating ornamentation. Two excellent examples of the collaboration of a landscape architect (David Hocker) and an architect (Gary Cunningham) are the Power House in Dallas and the Pool House in Highland Park.
Landscape architect David Hocker recently won two American Society of Landscape Architects Honor Awards for these projects. Landscape architects Arthur and Marie Berger were great friends and collaborators with architect O’Neil Ford. Edward Durell Stone, FAIA, and landscape architect Thomas Church appeared to have designed interior and exterior spaces as one person.
From my perspective the best houses are the ones that most closely follow the cues from the natural site and the most architecturally significant homes are designed in collaboration with a landscape architect who takes his or her cues from the natural landscape and the architect’s design. The program prepares students for a range of careers in landscape architecture, including urban and community design, parks design and planning, and opportunities in the fields of environmental restoration, urban redevelopment and urban ecology.

A talented landscape architect can add even more context, texture and meaning to an architect-designed home.
However, I’ve developed quite a different opinion having seen the work of great landscape architects in Dallas, such as the legendary Arthur and Marie Berger, and Thomas Church, as well as current landscape architects such as Armstrong-Berger, David Hocker, David Rolston, Kevin Sloan, Harold Leidner, Michael Kinler, Seeing their work in context to architecturally significant homes, it’s clear that these architects help accentuate the design of the home and give the home context in the same way a natural setting such as a mountain or a lake defines the essence of a residence.
Usually these landscape awards go to architects who design in the mountains or along the ocean on the West Coast or in the verdant and forested East Coast.
The very best collaborations occur when the architect and landscape architect share early and often.
David Hocker won for these two landscape designs: The Power House, a 1930s former commercial structure renovated for residential use, and The Pool House in Highland Park, a new urban retreat for an artist and for a car collector who resided next door. The most exhilarating homes are influenced by the site, and accentuated by the landscape architect.
The Pool House in Highland Park is a good example of the landscape architect not competing with the residential architect, but accentuating and helping define the architectural work. The best landscape architecture calls attention to the environment, anchored by an amazing house. NSAD’s Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Architecture programs are accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB).

The landscape of The Power House softens the hard edge of the commercial structure with native plants, but maintains the sense of urbanity with its strong structural elements. Here you can see how the contributions of David Hocker, the landscape architect, and Gary Cunningham capture the sun and sky and mitigate their often harsh consequences. While the new house still has the advantage of a pretty location, this home never had the magic to capture the imagination of the public as did the O’Neil Ford designed Arthur and Marie Berger landscaped designed home. David Hocker’s landscape gives further balance and dimension to the architectural design of Gary Cunningham.
NSAD also offers a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Arts, a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management, a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, and a Master of Landscape Architecture.
The new home dominates the site; the O’Neil Ford home submitted to the site, which the Bergers subtly influenced with their landscape design. Glazed glass walls and hand carved screens blurred the boundaries of interior and exterior as the talent of Thomas Church and Edward Durell Stone blended the boundaries of their respective contributions to this architecturally significant home.

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