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The landscape plan, which received an Honor Award from the American Society of Landscape Architects in 2011, integrates the farm buildings with a windswept landscape of meadow and beachfront, while creating sanctuaries for both freshwater and oceanfront flora and fauna.
At the edge of the property, Quicksand Pond is one of Rhode Island's most important naturally flowing salt pond ecosystems. Thank you to our sponsors Unilock, Victor Stanley, Aqueous Consultants & Landscape Forms!
Typically landscape designers first determine their overall design direction, and then zoom in to design the details. John Kett, landscape architect with Reed Hildebrand in Cambridge, Massachusetts, will explore how his design firm works with clients and consultants to ensure that landscape management plans achieve both design and ecological goals. David Maynes, project manager with the landscape architecture firm Richardson & Associates in Maine, explains how his firm uses a site’s plants and materials, ecological patterns and processes, and layered histories as inspiration and anchor. RIASLA Mission: “The purpose of the Chapter shall be the advancement of knowledge, education, and skill in the art and science of landscape architecture as an instrument of service in the public welfare.

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) recently announced the winners of the 2009 Student Awards. PROVIDENCE — When we think of landscapes, we usually think of gardens and rivers, of lakes, forests, and mountains. Cambridge landscape architects Mark Klopfer and Kaki Martin transformed an old steel fabricating plant into a place where artists create their own work and teach a variety of courses.
For Michael Vergason Landscape Architects, the challenge was to preserve habitats for endangered shorebirds, marsh plants, and wildlife. Learn how this deeply immersive approach achieves landscapes that strengthen and enhance the relationship between people and place.
Rational Port Landscape Architecture Articulates a New Northern Portscape Near Moosonee, Ontario: Oblique perspective looking across the port towards the Moose River.
The barn is used for a variety of separate research projects conducted by Michigan State’s department of landscape architecture.

This two-day conference will explore crucial aspects of the native design process, beginning at the scale of individual species, and gradually zooming out to include plant community design, ecological master planning, and methods for creating sophisticated ecological designs within the context of current as well as emerging landscape practices. Landscape Structures has sponsored registration for each winning official entrant, plus travel and hotel accommodations for those given the Award of Excellence.
Landscaper Martin herself took welding and glassmaking.There are summer camps for children, too. It’s helpful to remember that back in the high tide of the modern movement in architecture, everything Victorian was widely considered to be ugly.

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