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However, I found that this schism between humans and nature, or in other words between architecture and landscape architecture, is not rooted in some deep-seated Western Polarity between Humans and nature, rather in the climate and geographical context of Western Europe. In contrast, if you look at another, and much older, tradition of gardening or landscape architecture emerging out of ancient Persia, you will see this same schism between nature and man does not exist; perhaps because in arid environments, greenery and water both were scarce and needed to be protected and nurtured.
With the help of two posts, I will show how two different traditions in landscape architecture grew out of their two different landscapes, one from West and the other from East.
The Gardens of Versailles, outside of Paris France, may be some of the most beautiful gardens you will see anywhere in the world.

The High Line  is a contemporary example of this tradition.  In the before picture nature had taken hold of the elevated rail tracks, and after redesign, nature was contained and controlled by landscape architects. Mies van der Rohe was perhaps the best-known architect who bridged the divide between architecture and landscape.
In the next and final part II, I will discuss the eastern tradition of landscape architecture and how it was better integrated into architecture. The western tradition of gardening grew out of western landscape, which is cold and wet, and always had an abundance of water and greenery; there was a need to control and separate nature from human residence.

The famous landscape architect Andre Le Notre designed them in French Formal style, and imposed a more rigid symmetry and order than the Italians did in Villa D”Este. These are another set of examples of nature being molded into rational forms in the western landscaping tradition.

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