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Prepares detailed scale drawings & tracings from rough sketches or other data provided by Landscape Architect profess. Moves soil, equipment, & materials, digs holes, & performs related duties to assist Landscape Gardener 408. A landscape worker in simple words is a professional who is hired by individuals and companies to take care of their lawns and landscapes. It may sound like a very high profile job but in reality, the landscape workers just work as labor on the ground for a landscape or lawn.

This is why this job doesn’t pay that good money to the employees and usually labor is outsourced from other countries so that they can manage working on minimum wages.
These landscape workers are very experienced and skilled so they know how to keep a lawn beautiful and deal with insects, bugs, herbs and other maintenance stuff in landscapes. Mostly these workers are hired on hourly basis where they earn minimum wages that depend on each company and state but some of them are also hired on regular salaries where they earn around $40000 per year.
In this field, the architects that specialize and work only in wide spread areas and lands are known as landscape architects.

These architects are hired by professional companies and construction firms for designing construction on wide lands including airports, bypasses, highways, bus terminals, universities, […]Surveyor Resume It is very complicated to describe what a surveyor is and what does he do but here we will try our best to explain the job description and duties of a surveyor.
India, Pakistan and even in China but other than these couple of landmarks, you can find building inspectors almost in every country and nation.

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