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Christmas and New Year can be the best times when kids start to prepare crafts by themselves and most of them just love to spend good amount of time preparing those crafts to perfection. Plastic Plate Clock for New Year: Here is a simple craft that your kids can make very easily at home with the simplest of simple items available. New Year Noisemakers: Most noisemakers that you can find would be those horn-like noisemakers. Another noisemaker for the New Year: All you need are cardboard or craft paper, glue, ice cream stick, twine, beads and buttons. Make Your Goals for the New Year: Another interesting way to encourage your kids to make plans for the coming year is to prepare Goal Buddies. Homemade Gift Box: Here is another interesting way to make your kids take up crafts for this new year. Popping Balloons: This is another simple way to remind them about the arrival of New Year on New Year’s Eve every hour. This craft re-creates a traditional Chinese instrument called the Bolang Gu, or pellet drum. Finally, we decided to decorate our drums with some Chinese New Year stickers we had laying around.
I especially love Netflix this time of year, chilly nights watching shows together in front of the fire with popcorn and hot chocolate.

It must be really a fun filled time when all the family members including cousins visiting for Christmas and New year celebrate the joy of Christmas.
With little encouragement from parents, kids will be able to prepare the best looking crafts to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the New Year. Ask your kids to write down what they want to do in the year and write them down on crafts which can be decorated in their rooms. If you’re planning to give away gifts for this Christmas and new year to visiting cousins, then you could encourage your kids to make a gift boxes in which you can put in your gifts.
Now there’s a channel to hardly ever treatment, now there will not likely be a possibility for them to find out. This Chinese New Year drum craft for kids makes a great activity that will keep little ones quite engaged. I made sure to have the kids staple where the pellet strings were attached to help secure them in place. By rubbing the stick back and forth in your hands, the pellets will swing, hitting the drum faces.
She's a creative mom with a passion for crafts and is always out searching for more to share with you! Try these fun ideas for helping your kids to count down the new year and celebrate with you.

Be sure to register for your free account which enables you to save projects to your craft box as well as submit projects to be featured here. Let your kids watch TV and pop each balloon unsuspectingly and that would be a surprise for everybody. Crafts are sorted by type and by age group, you can even find projects that adults can make for their little ones.
You could write custom messages on the tags such as Seasons Greeting & Happy New Year, Hope Your Holidays Sparkle, Hope Your Holidays Are Joyful, etc. It is played by turning the stick between two hands such that the two pellets swing back and forth and hit the two drum heads. King Julien is the party animal character from the Madagascar franchise and kids will love celebrating the new year with him.
Close the lid of the box, glue it tightly and for an extra cover you can stick some broad tape along the borders to seal the box and its contents tightly inside.

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