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As someone who works from home, you may not think that you need special coverage for your business.
That's why you should talk to your insurance agent or a representative from The Hartford to find out whether you need additional coverage for your home-based business.
Optional Coverages Businesses Like Yours Often BuyBusiness Income for Off-Premises Utility Services Coverage (OPUS)We all depend on services such as power and communication in our everyday lives. That's the reason landscapers turn to Contractor's Equipment Coverage – to help pay for the replacement or repair of equipment, with a value greater than $500, that is damaged on the job. That's why many landscapers secure Contractor's Tools Coverage to help pay for the replacement or repair of tools, owned by your business, valued at less than $500, when they are damaged on the job.Contractor's Tools CoverageThe tools you use every day are important to your success as a landscaper. An employee, using their own vehicle, hits a pedestrian in a crosswalk while picking up garden supplies or fertilizer for your company. The fact is, personal auto policies generally don’t provide coverage when a vehicle being used for business purposes is involved in an accident.
And, contrary to popular belief, the risk of a data breach is not just a problem for big businesses and hacking isn’t the only way a breach can occur. The Hartford’s data breach program offers coverage to help pay for costs associated with notifying impacted individuals, managing public relations, good faith advertising and legal liability expenses.
If your client asks for a Waiver of Subrogation, they are asking to be removed from any potential liability that might result from work you do together. Employee Benefits Liability coverage helps protect your business if you are sued for an error or omission related to the administration of your employee benefits program, including your group health insurance. Providing workers' comp coverage for more than a century, The Hartford's program sets the standard for value, innovation and injured worker care.

For some, a Business Auto policy conjures up images of a fleet of vehicles used to deliver plants and trees or transport equipment and workers to a job site.
Run errands to pick up the fertilizer, garden supplies, or lunch for your crew, client meeting or to make a deposit at the bank. And, if you or your employees use a personal vehicle for these types of activities, consider that personal auto policies generally don’t provide coverage when a personally-owned vehicle, used for business purposes, is involved in an accident. More than 30 years ago, we were the first insurance company to dedicate an entire group to protecting small businesses. It also provides an easy way to purchase optional, additional coverage tailored to your landscaping business. Due to the extensive work involved in repairing the break, you can’t open for 2 days. It can help pay for injury or property damage expenses that result from using a pesticide or herbicide on a customer's property. It can help pay for injury-related or property damage expenses resulting from operating your snowplow. Your systems and software regularly interact with those of your clients, as you send garden designs and plans, soil testing results and permits back and forth. Since your insurance company is assuming greater liability, there is a cost to add this provision to your policy. And that’s why talented employees are central to the success of landscaping businesses. Without it, you may be held personally liable for the cost of your employees' medical care for a work-related injury or illness and even their wages while they’re recovering.

The truth is, you may need a Business Auto policy for vehicles used in the typical operation of your business.
And, features like our Fender Bender and Accident Forgiveness programs help keep premiums low. Landscapers that add this provision generally feel the value of a client relationship is worth the additional cost.
Learn about the insurance coverage landscapers like you typically need, and most often purchase, from The Hartford. You should consider property insurance that not only covers damage to your buildings and furniture, but also your computers and the other things you need to keep your business up and running.Business Liability CoverageThese days, even the most careful business owners can be sued. In WA, this insurance is written by Hartford Fire Insurance Company, Hartford Casualty Insurance Company, Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company, Hartford Underwriters Insurance Company, Twin City Fire Insurance Company, Sentinel Insurance Company, Ltd. If you've issued your sub, or anyone else, a 1099, they may be eligible for coverage under your workers' comp policy. Business Liability coverage helps protect your business from the cost of claims for damages caused by your employees, products and some services.

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