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Pool landscaping is its own craft, and it takes a skilled and knowledgeable landscape designer to understand the best plant specimens to suit your concrete pool in NJ.Pool landscaping is used to tie together your concrete pool to the style and architecture of your home.
Landscaping is used to seamlessly blend together your entire property, creating texture and providing purpose throughout the entire area.
They are experts in choosing the correct specimens and material that will both thrive and provide beauty surrounding the swimming pool.

Tropicals are popular in landscape in this region, since they are deer resistant and create a lush and tropical feel, making your concrete pool feel like your own personal resort.
Scenic Landscaping has been in the industry for decades and are the true professionals when it comes to any landscape need. With Scenic, you will also be able to choose from maintenance and enhancement packages for your pool landscaping, ensuring it is impressive and thriving throughout the seasons.Together, Tranquility Pools with our sister companies Scenic Landscaping and Tapestry Landscape Architecture, everything aspect from the installation to your concrete pool to the final pool landscaping is all handled under our own roof.

Feel free to browse our gallery of pool landscaping ideas, let is help as inspiration and a way to start planning the perfect concrete pool and living space for your home.

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