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SCAPE’s work on the 103rd Street Community Garden in East Harlem also expands on notions of productivity. Mia Lehrer, FASLA, landscape planner and principal at Mia Lehrer + Associates, provided a definition of “civic horticulture” as “community gardening.” For Lehrer, who focuses much of her work on food production, horticulture is about education and empowerment. Lehrer’s practice is experimenting with the “S, M, L, XL” scales of productive gardens, from residential to commercial farming, in Los Angeles.
Thomas Woltz, FASLA, landscape architect and principal at Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects (NBW), believes that “horticultural acts are civic acts.” Attitudes toward gardening and plant cultivation vary dramatically and the methodologies used can have significant implications, both positive and negative, for communities, wildlife, and public health. NBW also designed a more traditional productive garden for a public housing complex in Charlottesville, Virginia. Bracale’s design ethos is fed by his study of philosophy, ecology, the Arts and Crafts movement, and the garden traditions of Japan and China. You’re just about a household name in the UK for your gardens, which go from the seemingly wildly romantic to somewhat intellectual and contemporary. You’ve done lots of memorable public projects, which appear at garden shows and even as temporary installations.
You’ve also said gardens and gardening should be described as being therapeutic as opposed to healing.
There’s a really, really good book by Kenneth Helphand, FASLA, an American professor of landscape architecture, about war trauma and gardens.
The AP then examined the practice in the Midwest, looking to Kansas City, Mo.-based Missouri Turf Paint Inc. On the same front, separate from SustainableDC initiatives, the City Council also debated new measures to boost both residential and industrial-scale solar power and co-generation energy and heat plants (mostly geothermal systems) by making regulations clearer and reducing property taxes. In the hearing we attended, we also heard how the City Council is considering bills that would give electric vehicles a fighting chance in the District, which is great news.

Productive gardens and their related systems and infrastructure have the potential to rectify the disconnect between disadvantaged urban communities and their food sources. Urban agriculture in the city is moving beyond the scale of the traditional victory garden to consider the larger urban environment and regional food distribution systems.
NBW designed a small biodiversity garden for a Manhattan residence that emphasized the creation of bird habitat. For the biodynamic, organic, solar-powered winery’s outdoor tasting room, NBW designed a productive garden tailored to pairings for tastings. Her work has been featured in The Guardian, The Telegraph, Gardens Illustrated, House & Gardens, Vogue, and other publications.
One I was really struck by was the Laurent-Perrier Garden, which is actually really deep, too.
Paris is a very, very built up city, but the fact that they use soft finishes changes everything about the feel of the place. Views sweep across the entire city from the living and bedrooms, and now there’s an elegant work of residential landscape architecture to go with the home that also solves contemporary challenges.
Though the vast surrounding agricultural region produces 50 percent of the fresh fruit and vegetables for the United States and Canada, the city keeps only 1 percent of it and imports the rest. Planted with pollinator attractors and nesting and feeding niches, the garden at the Carnegie Hill House is a haven for several species of birds and butterflies. Calligraphy is incorporated both as a concept of energy flow and also as an inspiration for paths through the gardens. According to a recent Economist Intelligence Unit report, the city ranks eighth among all North American cities. They presented on three major topics: The Street, Productive Gardens, and Parks and Plazas.

Transforming this “outside-in” strategy to an “inside-out” one requires a reevaluation of the policies that currently structure food distribution, including everything from large-scale agricultural systems to zoning regulations for residential productive gardens and provisions for bartering and selling homegrown food.
In a way, that made me want to rebel against doing anymore landscaping — hard landscaping. But there’s no question in my mind that good landscaping has a good effect on human beings.
The city seems to be responsive to that firm’s interest in rolling out charging stations and serious about removing any regulatory obstacles that could limit the range of sites. A majority of these children are located in impoverished parts of the inner city, which lack access to fresh food.
Lehrer’s “Small” projects include a community garden for the Jordan Downs Housing Project with enough acreage to successfully meet the needs of the entire neighborhood. I know through working with the schizophrenics I used to work with, when I was director of the charity, that gardening was a massive help.
For this reason, Venhaus has written a book that is aimed not only at landscape architects but also planners, architects, contractors, and home gardeners. The great thing about gardening is that you’ll become sucked into the diurnal motion of the earth.
So, really, the whole garden is a series of monolithic blocks, one of which, hey presto, has a fridge and plate rack.

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