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Directional lights are used when a concentrated beam of light is needed on statuaries, columns, signage, and water features. Once the lighting system is installed, there are three checks you will want to make to ensure everything is functioning properly. The CAST system achieves the best possible system integrity by providing tools, techniques and support for the various stages of the project: planning, installation, testing, voltage adjustment, documentation and maintenance. Accurate formulas predict voltage loss and aide the designer in the selection of wire gauge and transformer type. The CAST Spider Splice method is a vast improvement upon previous techniques that require more in-field splices and that fail to deliver consistant voltage to all fixtures.
The Spider Splice method in combination with CAST products ensures even distribution of voltage and corrosion-proof wire connections.
After splices have been made, all home run wires are connected to the 12 volt tap of the transformer and the system is powered up.

The installer then tests the voltage using the testing wires in each Spider Splice® or at the fixture. Two test leads are soldered into Spider Splices to act as a convenient voltage testing point.
The MR-16 Voltage Testing Tool (CTESTMR16) to allow testing at the fixture under full load. Finally, forms on the inside lids of CAST transformers provide places to record information on each wire run including location, amp reading and voltage tap. The lights total 10 that are submersibles for the pond, and are 12volt, purchased from same Co. Twisted together wires come loose from thermal cycling (both heat from carrying current and from day-night variation). The following illustration shows the concept behind the CAST method – a system composed of a number of home runs terminating in Spider Splice junctions with fixtures attached with equal length wires.

The extra large terminal blocks in CAST transformers allow the connection of all home run wires. From these measurements voltage drops are noted and home run wires are shifted to the correct voltage taps. The tags provide a permanent record of lamp type and wattage, wire run number and off-grade fixture location.
1 (2 conductors from the first circuit) running to 5 lights(if the total is less than 300w) and 1 running to the other.

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