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Create a unique and handy outdoor basket for your gardening tools or other small outdoor equipment using a regular garden hose.
Consider matching the zip tie color to the hose color or purchase zip ties in a complementary, contrasting color. It looks nicer if you trim the ties when you're done, but be careful you don't make it come undone by trimming carelessly. The base size will depend on personal preference and need; obviously larger baskets require more hose but can also hold a lot more. Depending on how large or high you made the basket, allow for approximately one foot (30.5cm) of hose to remain to create the handle with. Start where you want the handle to begin and twist the hose around so it is facing the exact other side of the basket.

Consider placing a twist tie toward the end of the hose to avoid having the hose's mouth snag on items. Carry it out to its new spot in the garden and place items, plants or whatever else inside it. This will help remove the factory's tight coils, from when the hose was originally made.The hose is also more flexible when warm. Figure out how you will integrate the basket into your outdoor décor, as this will likely effect the color and style of the basket you create. If you hit the lawn and garden store you will most likely have several colors to accommodate your needs––they may even have some fancy patterns! Or, you buy, what you think is a quality hose, only to discover that it flattens out on the hose reel, this story is for you.

Instead of reading the specifications (which don't correlate to hose quality at all), perform your own tests on the hoses right in the store. However, for some purposes, a waterproof base will trap rainwater or if you keep plants in it, it will trap that water.

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