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Before placing rocks and boulders on your landscape, you need to make sure that you plan the design well in advance. Check your local rock supplier to see what is available for rocks and boulders for landscaping.
Make sure that you are happy with the placement of the rocks before the delivery people leave. Take note of the fact that the earth will settle under the boulders, rocks and stones; therefore, you may need to add earth to certain areas to compensate.

You can organize the areas around the rocky sections in the same manner if you want to add plants and ground cover. These resources will give you an idea of what type of rocks you can work with and how you can utilize them. Without a budget, you are at risk of spending more than you anticipated when purchasing the rocks for landscaping alone.
Add the boulders and rocks where you plan on positioning them and make sure that you are satisfied.

You may not be able to get certain rocks if they are regional, but you may be able to substitute.
Determine whether the options are feasible for the property you will be landscaping or whether the vehicles and machines transporting your rocks will have difficulty accessing the grounds.

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