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We have been tweaking the front landscaping little by little ever since we moved into this house almost 6 years ago. I love my hubby with all my heart, but his perspective is coming from someone who grew up in AZ where most yards are filled with rocks. MIGHT BE WORTH OVER BUYING ROCKS AND PUTTING SOMETHING LIKE THIS WITH VARIOUS ROCKS AROUND EDGES OF YARD AREAS. LOOKS LIKE THE SMALL ROCKS HAVE A COMBO OF DIFFERENT COLORS AND SIZES AND MAY BE CHEAP BY THE TON.
After seeing this, we figured it would be much simpler and cheaper to just use some more pieces of landscape edging and the remaining black basalt stones we already had to create steps up the hill. We then continued up the path adding rocks, spreading them out, and then adding another piece of edging.

Now we have a nice set of stairs for our friends and family to use to get up to our house, and it was so much cheaper than concrete or paver steps.
I'm sure I'll be picking weeds out of the mulch (since I didn't lay down any kind of landscaping weed-preventer cloth), and I still need to figure out how to clear away the clippings from the bushes.
We will see how they hold up to long term use, but for now they feel solid and easy to climb.
Right now, however, I am just enjoying the fresh look of the dark brown mulch covering up the dirt and weeds. First we laid the blue tarp and staked it down, then we dumped a pile of rocks and spread them out tapering them as they went up the hill to create a flat "tread" for the first step. Next year however, I may add some planting beds up and down the sides of the stairs to add some more native plants and give the space some more texture and color like the inspiration image above.

The cost of the mulch not really being that much of a deterrent now ($3.33 a bag), I was determined to squelch the other objections too.
After putting off the final piece of our landscaping plans for a few weeks, I ran across this image that I had saved several months ago.

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