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This entry was posted in Long Island Landscape and tagged backyard swimming pool, commercial landscaping, custom landscape, custom landscaping, deck and patios, garden design, landscape contractors, landscapers, landscaping companies, masonry services, outdoor landscaping, patio design, professional landscaping, residential landscaping, yard maintenance. Lawn care servicesMost landscaping companies offer a variety of services when you hire them. Bentgrass: This type of grass tolerates close mowing, but does not tolerate hot, dry weather or cold winters. Rough bluegrass: This type of grass does well in cool moist conditions, performs well in lower temperatures and responds well to fertilization and irrigation.
Centipede: This grass is slow growing, but it is ideal for lawns since it is low maintenance and does not require much fertilization or mowing. Zoysia: Extremely drought tolerant, Zoysia is deep rooted, does well on sandy seashores and handles traffic well.
Native plants: When using plants that naturally grow in your area, you will find that they are usually drought resistant and give a variation in appearance from grass. Cedar bark mulch: Mulch is a good alternative for homes needing a grass alternative, as it also comes in a variety of sizes and does not heat up as gravel does. Most obviously, you could replace your landscaping with evergreens, eliminating the problem entirely.
How to Protect Pets From Fertilizers and PesticidesLawn fertilizer and dogs can be an unhealthy mix. Landscape lighting: If you're so proud of your landscaping that you want to show it off at night, many companies provide exterior lighting options. Planning a landscaping projectBecause we don't all live in areas where it's 85 degrees and sunny year round, it's important to plan ahead when considering any landscaping projects. It will also help you get a clear idea of how you want your outdoor space to look and give you time to compile your wish list. Landscaping ideasThere are infinite possibilities when it comes to landscaping, so the sky's the limit. Mulch: Mulch helps soil retain moisture, limits temperature fluctuations and improves the look of your landscaping. Hanging plants: Most landscaping is on the ground, but hangers allow you to take it up a notch.

Landscaping for curb appealFirst impressions are important, and that goes for your home, too. Lakefront landscapingMany people dream of having a house by a lake so they can enjoy the scenic beauty and have easy access to swimming or a dock. That care should include factoring in specific challenges associated with landscaping projects near water, such as sloping and floodplain issues. Landscape lightingWell-placed lighting can bring your landscaping to life at night, and it also enhances home security.
Many home and business owners want to enhance the appearance of their property with landscaping. Travel to a landscaping site to get a view of the area and learn what potential client wants. Multiply your total by the cost of each cubic yard or meter of mulch to determine how much the mulch will cost. Once you know how much the materials will cost, you can determine what you need to charge the client.
Determine your time on the landscaping job comparing the needs of this job with previous jobs.
Give the potential clients sketches of the landscaping project so they can make changes before you begin. Never guarantee a bid for more than 30 days in the event of an increase in the cost of materials.
Be certain the client understands the bid does not include maintenance and up keep of the landscaping once it is complete. Companies suggest fertilizing your lawn a few times a year to help it grow thick, but too much fertilizer can harm your lawn.
Lawn care companies calculate the cost by the square foot, and the average fertilization package costs around $200 to $300 per year.
Also, be sure to check the Angie's List Licensing Tool to see if your state requires licenses for landscaping professionals.
Some pesticides are very harsh on a lawn and can cause as much new damage as it prevents in old damage.

Everyone wants to enjoy their lawn but must be careful not to put too much pressure on the grass to stay healthy and get constantly trampled. Most of what you need will be determined by how big your yard is and how many trees you have dumping leaves onto it, but there are some general necessities that you'll need no matter what.
Learn the risks of using lawn pesticides and fertilizers and how they can affect your entire family’s health, not just the furry ones. If you choose not to handle your own lawn work, you can hire a landscaping company to complete a number of jobs, other than planting and mowing.
Companies suggest fertilizing your lawn a few times a year to help it grow thick, but too much or the wrong type of fertilizer can harm your grass. Whether you’re trying to attract potential buyers and achieve the highest resale value possible or wanting to make your home stand out from the others on the block, landscaping can make or break your home's curb appeal. Because the outdoors are such an essential part of a lakehouse, extra care is often taken when developing a landscaping plan. Some landscapers offer design services, but usually they work from plans the homeowner commissioned from a landscape architect or landscape designer. However, for most major landscaping projects, most owners rely on professional landscaping companies.
She enjoys starting articles about real problems she has in life, as well as ones about quirky topics like How to Use Life Hacks. Landscapers calculate the cost by the square foot and the average fertilization package typically costs around $200 to $300 per year. One very important aspect of running a business of this sort is learning to price landscaping jobs.
Safety issues, such as dead wood and dangerous trees, are sure to show up on costly work orders.
Many landscaping companies either do not acquire the job due to overbidding or lose money because they've under-bid a job.

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