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Deliver research-based knowledge about the ways horticulture improves our environment and serves as a source of personal enjoyment. Opportunities for Students: Full-time & Part-time Jobs and InternshipsSearch Aggies for Hire Now!
An emphasis in Horticulture provides students with knowledge and experience in the horticulture industry. Horticulture is an applied science that deals with the cultivation of plants, such as vegetables, fruits and flowers. CollaboratingThe design process is a collaborative effort among facility managers, horticulture managers and landscape architects. InstallingHorticulture display supervisors manage all activities related to planting the horticulture display. Horticulture display supervisors ensure that project materials including plants, soil and rocks arrive on time and damage-free.
The Texas A&M Department of Horticultural Sciences offers two undergraduate and three graduate degrees that prepare students for a myriad of diverse career opportunities.
Students’ experiences in the classroom and laboratory settings allow them to gain firsthand knowledge of the principles of horticulture.

According to the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, most horticulture jobs require either a two-year or a four-year degree. A degree in horticulture is beneficial, but not always required because landscape architects also interpret blueprints, create project estimates and install hardscapes, such as rocks, patios and retaining walls. A horticulture therapist uses plants to improve the emotional, mental and physical well-being of human patients.
The University of Kentucky College of Agriculture reports that many plant inspectors are federal or state employees, and are required to have a four-year degree in horticulture or a related field.
The exact level of input a horticulture display manager has on the overall design phase varies. The American Society for Horticultural Science and the International Society of Arboriculture offer certifications. Once you've obtained a horticulture degree, there are many industries that need your expertise and job-related skills. If a project calls for creating gardens, combining plant materials with hardscapes or planting trees, a degree in horticulture is advantageous. Although horticulture display supervisors direct junior workers, they also perform grounds maintenance.

Horticulture display supervisor positions often are seasonal, with most work available during warm-weather months. Knowing how to install plants to ensure their survival and create soil mixtures to sustain plant growth requires knowledge and experience in horticultural studies.
Horticulture display supervisors also oversee the use and storage of gardening tools and heavy equipment. According to the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, horticulture therapists often work with mentally disabled, emotionally disabled, senior groups, inner city youth and prisoners to encourage development and increase rehabilitation efforts.
Horticulture therapy requires specialized training in a post-secondary program accredited by the American Horticultural Therapy Association.

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