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Zen doctrine, which had a great influence over the Japanese ink painting, has introduced a new insights on this art. This entry was posted in ink painting and tagged Asuka, Heian, history, ink, japanese, Kamakura, Nara, painting. Japanese writing is made up of three alphabets, one of which is a collection of Chinese characters. While we had the black ink and paintbrushes out, I showed the children some examples of Japanese ink wash painting and they decided to have a go.
After that, the painting passed through various hands until it was bequeathed to one Wu Hongyu during the early Qing Dynasty (second half of the 17th century). Those immigrants, espeically Yishan Yining, were the ones who contributed to spreading the popularity of the art of traditional ink painting in Japan.

They assisted the art of ink paintings to leave the walls of the monasteries, and become a dominating style in Japanese painting.
We had recently looked at Chinese characters when we learned about Chinese New Year, so I thought it would be interesting to compare Japanese writing with Chinese. This name translator translates into various writing styles, including traditional Japanese and Manga. We didn’t have Japanese rice paper so we used diluted black ink on wet watercolour paper. The Japanese developed their own distinctive style of kites, and began to use them for practical purposes, such as lifting building materials and sending messages. Shen Zhou sent it to a calligraphist to have it inscribed (nobody knows why since he himself was a famously accomplished calligraphist) and the calligraphist’s son stole the painting and sold it on the black market.

Japanese were not permitted to leave the islands, and foreigners were not allowed to enter Japan. Often times paintings are decorated with calligraphy, that, among other information, provides with hints. Even the white space surrounding the main theme, is there to guide and whisper about the true meaning of the painting.

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