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Make sure your booth is a sales booth, and not a flower show booth where you are trying to win the blue ribbon. The Education Committee at ICPI asked me to teach a paver installation efficiency class at last year’s Hardscape North America. For jobs less than $25,000, you should be able to leave a quote before you leave the appointment. Provide your foreman with all the necessary information for a smooth and efficient installation. Our mission is to provide contractors with unique innovative tools and systems to safely assist companies with advanced cutting edge technology to increase profitability.

Be on time, dress appropriately to make the sale, take your boots off if you go into their home, bring your portfolio or a tablet to show similar projects that you have completed.
It was started in 2007 by the four Bahler Brothers who have owned a landscape contracting business for over 30 years.
When you are outside looking at the site have your radar on…look for all the items that could turn in to potential problems. Realizing the need to make their jobs easier and more efficient, they created Pave Tool Innovators formerly known as Techo-Tools. By making sure the products you have chosen are appropriate for the job you will ensure their long-term stability while avoiding call backs and unwanted warranty issues.

As the estimator, it’s your job to give your foremen everything they need for a successful job outcome.
Hardscape hand tools save labor time, backache, knee ache, and extend the working careers of your employees.

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