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Rainwater is evenly dispersed over the ground and allowed to soak in rather than all of it being directed to storm sewer or retention ponds. The non-living parts of a landscape such as walkways, patios and patio covers are considered hardscape, and they make up a key component of your landscape. Not only is stone one of the most durable hardscape materials, but it’s also one of the prettiest. If your hardscape is meant to be more functional and serve a purpose such as a bench or wall then finding a company that specializes in rocks such as KRC Rock might be in your best interest. Another popular hardscape material, wood comes in different varieties, each with their own characteristic color and grain pattern. Another useful hardscape material, concrete can be seen in pathways, patios, and driveways.
As a material, concrete is convenient and long-lasting, as opposed to wood which might require replacing at some point during your garden’s lifetime.

This hardscape material is most often used in walkways, dry river beds, and water features. Since 2003 Diane E Downey has owned The Yard Fairy, a North San Diego County based award winning landscape consultancy, design, installation and maintenance company creating low water, low maintenance landscapes that are as functional as they are pleasing to the eye. She continues to share her passion for landscaping, water conservation, water quality and carbon sequestration in her role as G3 Green Garden Groups's San Diego Regional Coordinator.
Hardscape is the hard stuff, the inanimate parts of the garden that include woodwork and masonry. This article will look at which materials are available for use as well as which are best suited for certain projects. Other than requiring the occasional sweeping, this hardscape material is very low maintenance and visually appealing. Often red-brown in color, this hardscape material is both sustainable and environmentally friendly. When loose it is not considered permanent – so if you do choose this as a hardscape materaial for your garden, know that it will have to be maintained occasionally.

This is considerably less than brick pavers or other similar materials which weigh approximately 20-25 lbs. By itself, decomposed granite is a relatively inexpensive material and creates a casual feel in whatever way it is used. Depending on what you plan to do with your hardscape, the stones can be purchased from a garden store or just picked up from around your property.

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