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A landscape logo can be used by several types of organizations, from an environmental protection NGO to an herbal tea company.
However, there are few marked-out rules that every landscape logo should follow in order to effectively market the corporate identity. Bird logo design template featuring an elegant orange humming-bird shape which is a symbol of harmony, vitality and energy. The old logo was pretty painful, with its road swoosh, sky gradient, and unfortunate wordmark. The purpose of a landscaping logo design is simply to highlight the beauty and richness of the natural environment to promote your business or cause.
The landscape company logos that aim to single out their business need to keep the emblem simple, natural, and green.

This logo template could be a good choice for all kind of social and legal agencies, non profit organizations and many more.
The new logo is quite great, with a beautiful geometric icon that looks like a technical drawing of grass on a landscaping plan. The main benefit one can gain from using landscape logos is their attraction – only a fool can dislike the rich green fields with clear streams and colorful flowers.
Such logos must use images that truly highlight the flamboyance and vibrancy of the natural habitat. This logo template is designed especially for non-profit companies and animal protection organizations. In the boring artificial environment of cities, a landscaping logo will give a feeling of freshness and calm to the viewer and, so, will make them attractive toward your business.

The sharp colors and ribbon element makes it appropriate for any company or foundation standing behind some socially responsible cause for example. So why not stand tall amongst your competitors through a well-executed and creative landscape logo design!

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