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The Designer's Landscape with Gary Alan has been creating and installing beautiful, low maintenance, custom-designed landscapes for decades on a national scale. For years Gary Alan has helped homeowners all across the country to obtain a yard they have always been striving for. A well thought-out and properly planned landscaping design has the potential to convert your yard from something ordinary or bland looking to a yard that comes alive and stands out from everything around it. With any landscape design idea, it is important to incorporate things other than plant life in your landscape. It may not be completely necessary to hire a professional to do all of the work on your landscaping undertaking. As you're placing your landscape strategies on paper, make sure to include items other than plant life in your surroundings. Now, let's take a look at the kind of plants you plan to include in your new landscape layout. To formulate a landscaping design that is visually attractive and easy to take care of, be sure to use native plants. In summary, we hope you agree that almost nothing has the power to change your home's outer appearance for the better like a well planned landscape design! At Designer's Landscape, our mission is to meet our clients' landscaping needs 100% of the time. With over 40 years of hands-on experience and applying proven landscape design technologies, we incorporate, or have direct access to, any resource necessary to complete your job they way you want it.
As new water restrictions are set to begin Wednesday, landscape designers offered practical solutions and water-saving tips that can be incorporated into gardening. The art of landscaping is both rugged and precise, with an eye for beauty and active outdoor design that in many ways embodies the aesthetic at the very heart of Orange County.
In search of the right vibe for the exterior beauty of your home or business, Tropic Vibe Nursery and Landscape Design brings the best in beautiful tropical landscaping. There’s an art to landscaping and Alan Dunn Landscape Design has seen and done it all before. Landscape Locators works with your specific individual project, provides a personal consultation, prepares a conceptual drawing and then initiates a bidding competition between those who have the proper credentials. A recent survey sponsored by a national landscaping trade association known as PLANET revealed a rising trend among consumers increasing their investments on outdoor living spaces, including patios, decks, walkways and other specialized services such as lighting and irrigation systems. As a leading landscape architect in Los Angeles, Garrett Carlson boasts of landscape designs that range from low-cost housing developments to homes of the rich and famous.
For landscaping design services that are both cost effective and beautifully created, look no further than Gary Kamisher of Gary Greenery in West LA.
Described as the Julia Child of Los Angeles landscape design, Eva Knoppel and the Garden of Eva Landscape Design Group comes highly recommended for her experience, integrity and eco-friendly, low-maintenance gardens. A Jacksonville native and graduate of horticulture from the University of Florida, Alan said he began his professional career working on Walt Disney World's Tree Farm Nursery in preparation for the Epcot project. Alan then advised people to invest in their yards to create a space where they can hang out.
A home design consultant from the award-winning Annabelle's Shoppe in Orange Park will give tips and ideas about Christmas tree decorating. Great Oaks Landscape is Michigan’s premier design-build landscape company, offering high-end design, flawless installation and impeccable maintenance. Steve started his career with Great Oaks Landscape in 2006 as a graduate of Michigan State University, where he graduated top of his class with highest honors.
Rick is a graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in Landscape Architecture and is a Registered Landscape Architect. Patrick has been a principal designer with Great Oaks for 29 years and has over 30 years of professional experience in the field of Landscape Architecture.

Geoffrey graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a degree in Landscape Architecture. Over the years thousands of home owners and businesses have benefitted from Gary's design tips from his nationally syndicated TV series on HGTV. You will be pleased to know that The Designer’s Landscape offers onsite visits for home owners to commercial properties in and out of Florida.
To create a landscaping design that is visually appealing and very easy to look after, be sure to use native plants. Anchor plants can bring all the parts together because they are plants that you make use of regularly all through your landscape design process.
Prior to ever beginning a landscape job it's strongly recommended that you seek advice from a qualified expert first. The company specializes in a variety of garden lifestyle retail and landscape consultation services. In trimming down your list of OC landscapers, you get to start from a vast landscape of options. Almost all of his clients regard him as a landscape designer who can turn the impossible into possible, and transform even the most boring of space into a tranquil paradise. This full-service landscaping design and maintenance company has built more than 100 gardens in both commercial and residential areas.
He studied landscaping design at UCLA, while building gardens for himself as well as for others. After several years with Disney, Alan returned to Jacksonville to practice the design aspect of landscaping.
He challenged listeners to save what they'd spend on two vacations and use the money for their landscapes. We have the largest, most experienced, versatile staff of landscape architects, designers, horticulturalists and installation experts in the industry.Great Oaks Landscape has raised the bar for luxuriously landscaped properties. We believe in a core set of values that have differentiated us from other design-build landscape firms. He founded Great Oaks Landscape in 1981 and created a fully integrated landscape company dedicated to providing complete design, installation, nursery and maintenance services. As the VP of Commercial Sales at Great Oaks Landscape, he brings over 25 years of landscape contracting experience to our firm. Margo previously held the position of Executive Assistant to the President, Gary Roberts until June 2011 when she took a leave of absence to have her baby girl.
With a background in both landscape and architectural design, Patrick brings an array of knowledge and talent to the design department. At a young age he began working with plants on his family farm and continued in the landscape profession working at local nurseries. He joined Great Oaks Landscape Associates nearly 10 years ago and brought with him the knowledge and experience of 20 years in the profession. We also provide landscape consultation services, including drawings and online communication via Skype on a national scale. It gives your yard design a nice ebb and flow that effortlessly connects everything in your yard together with each other and gives it a sensation of uniformity, balance and harmony.
But, then again, there may well also be situations when using a landscape company is the only way to get the job done properly. There are lots of alternatives for decks and patios that include rock designs or woods that coordinate with the colors of your trees, flowers and shrubs. However our "local" service area for hands-on landscaping design and installation is the greater NE Florida areas. OC is a garden of opportunities because this is a county which generates a disproportionate percentage of top-level landscapers, as well as unparalleled landscapes.

Furthermore, Dunn beautifies the functionality of your outdoor area and also can provide regular maintenance of your landscape, whether it be a home or business. The best part is that this individualized attention is literally free because the pay comes from Landscape Locator’s network.
Carlson is most known for landscape designs featured at Sunset Marquis Hotel and the fire station on Muholland Drive.
What makes him one of the best landscapers in Los Angeles is his attention to detail and inexpensive landscaping solutions that will save you money while preserving the beauty of your vision.
The company has grown to encompass installation, irrigation and maintenance of all types of landscapes. Commercial and residential projects alike benefit from our ability to envision both the grand design and the smallest detail. Rick was previously employed with the city of Detroit, as well as with other prominent landscape firms. Ken works with owners and property managers to provide premium landscape maintenance service at a price within their budget.
Dwight is responsible for the coordination and purchasing of all Great Oaks Landscape’s plant material. However, because we are located in Jacksonville FL, most of The Designer’s Landscape consultations are local and our fee to schedule and visit you at your property are very affordable. Having said that, making an investment in an initial assessment with someone who knows the challenges of landscaping can help you avoid making high dollar mistakes down the road. Every step in landscape design services, from conceptual planning all the way through to the actual installation, is provided in making your flourishing garden of landscape dreams. The customer satisfaction links with the fact that Alan Dunn Landscape Design encourages you to imagine and envision the artistic exterior look you want in your world, and then helps you to manifest and expand this artistic vision into your outdoor reality. Only positive response is evident from people who have utilized this unique arrangement, so if you have specific custom considerations, then carefully analyzing and deliberating on information from Landscape Locators could help in making your project shine as successful OC landscape perfection. Whatever vision you have for your landscaping needs, Stout is said be the best landscaper in Los Angeles to help make it happen beyond your expectations. Vines of various blooms and tree-lined walkways surround this design where Angelenos are seen picnicking, napping, and taking in the sights throughout the spring and summer months. From conception and design to installation and year-round maintenance, we are uniquely capable of delivering sophisticated results. Our goal is to not only create the most visually pleasing and innovative designs, but to create a landscape that exceeds your greatest expectations.
For more information on scheduling a property visit please call The Designers Landscape at (904) 297-2057 or complete the simple scheduling form and we will contact you. An experienced landscaper's advice can prove priceless, especially if you haven't undertaken much, if any, landscaping yourself. Your landscape expert can help you to better understand which plants will work best in cover from the sun and sunshine.
An advocate of what he calls "common sense gardening," Alan spoke about being a time- and money-smart gardener. Great Oaks Landscape continues to excel because of a shared commitment to a single idea: creating the most breathtaking outdoor spaces imaginable. We strive for the highest standards of professionalism – knowledgeable staff, impeccable design, and attention to every detail of installation.

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