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Since the fall of 2010, Gardner Edgerton High School has been a part of the Eastern Kansas League, but that is about to change. On September 11, 2015, Gardner Edgerton High School received an invitation to join the Sunflower League.
The Arts Council of Johnson County (ACJC) announced today seven Gardner Edgerton High School students have been nominated for the 2016 Shooting Stars Awards. The academy is open to Gardner residents and business owners who are 18 years old or older.

Gardner, Kansas, will be featured on KTWU's Sunflower Journeys -- Kansas' longest running local history television program geared toward capturing unique stories of various communities throughout Kansas.
Official notice was made today, that Gardner Edgerton High School has accepted the invitation to become the newest member of the Sunflower League.
The Gardner Edgerton High School administration notified all current Eastern Kansas League members of the invitation. Roberts, a Republican, said he is dedicated to finding solutions to resolve the State’s budget shortfalls by reviewing expenditures and incomes to resolve how to best assure that income is derived from sources fairly without giving one income bracket advantages over others, finding new funding formulas for all school districts as well as ensuring Kansas roads and infrastructure are funded to promote positive economic development growth.

Sunflower Journeys also caught up with Business and Economic Development Director Larry Powell to discuss Gardner's present day growth and development.

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