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Butchart Gardens is open 365 days a year and draws more than 1 million visitors a year, making it one of the world’s most popular gardens.
BRENTWOOD BAY, BRITISH COLUMBIA — Spend a few hours at the Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island and you’ll meet people from all over the world. Butchart Gardens, opened in 1908, is one of those national treasures Canadians can be smug about — gardens, how old school — yet 1 million visitors pass through its gates every year.
Visitors can grab a free, 24-page Flower and Plant Guide with photos and growing tips on everything in the gardens. In fall, Butchart’s gardeners plant 1 million bulbs for the popular spring displays of tulips and other annuals.
The garden Jennie Butchart started is now one of the most popular features of the family’s 53-hectare estate.
Gardeners excited by the many types of plants and flowers they discover here, can buy seed packets from the Seed & Gift Store, or online.

If there is one must-see in all of Vancouver and Victoria, it would be the Butchart Gardens. This entry was posted in Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island and tagged Canada, flowers, travel.
In August, all of the gardens are at their peak, from hydrangeas the size of women’s hats, to delicate water lilies floating on still ponds in the Japanese Garden.
It takes 600 staff during the high season (May-October) to keep this place looking so fresh, including 70 full-time gardeners. It’s still family-owned, a legacy of Jennie Butchart, who started a simple garden in the 1800s with a single rose bush and some sweet pea seeds. It had been a limestone quarry — for a nearby cement factory, long gone — and generations of Butcharts transformed it into a sunken garden, with meandering paths, shade trees and flowers in every colour.
Nearly every square inch of this place from the parking lot to the rear of the garden is photogenic.

I had tried to be fairly conservative with my shooting on this trip up until arriving at the Butchart Gardens. I had to pry myself from places just so I could get through the garden and actually take pictures of different scenes. There were a lot of tourists here at the Sunken Garden Overlook but it was still an amazing experience.

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