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Chris himself, he was obviously cast very early and one of the challenges was that when he was cast, he hadn't lost the weight.
Marvel has a visual development team and they are the experts on the comic book characters. Both in terms of the silhouette of the character, but, also, knowing that he can't just have one costume on day one of shooting -- because it's action, you have to have repeats ready.

So, you can draw and draw away and design and do all you want, but particularly with a character like Gamora -- because she's so physical -- until you've got your casting, you don't know what the physicalization of this character is going to be .. We can't say, 'Oh, now that we have the body, now we can start making them.' So, there were both practical and artistic judgements to make there.
And, really, just working with Chris, we made a lot of prototypes for him and a lot of work on the body.

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