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Two things are vital in year round gardening, constant amending with compost and in our hot climate, mulching to retain moisture in the soil.
The Joy FactorHere's my secret for successful and smart gardening: Think of it as joy, not work! Year round gardening is possible but when most of the country takes a break during winter and heads indoors, we have our main break from gardening in the hottest months of summer. Unlike the typical garden where you amend the soil, plant and harvest and you are done, in southern California you can have up to three to four planting seasons.

Unless I am planting in a new area, I only dig a hole big enough for the plant or seed I am placing.
So my gardening efforts for vegetables are in containers along with the soil amendment we manufacture and try to get a little taste of tomatoes before it gets to hot. In fall I will pull out faded plants and make room for more compost and cool weather crops.
Those beets were planted in three week intervals for successive harvests over several months.

Now, blanket your soil under 2 to 4 inches of mulch and move on to another area.Pay Attention to Insect PestsYour attention is the best preventive medicine for pests.
Reuse any vegetable water (unsalted) and dump tea and coffee liquid and grounds around the base of acid-loving plants such as camellias, azaleas, hydrangeas, and gardenias.

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