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Easy Gardens for North Central Texas-- I was wowed by the great organization of facts and pictures in this . Texas Wildflowers--You'll appreciate this guide on Texas wildflowers, which comes with plenty of pictures for identification.
Howard Garrett's Plants for Texas--We couldn't garden as effectively without this essential reference to all the wonderful plants to use in our Texas gardens. Herbs for Texas--Guide to the herbs that grow best here with lots of pictures and helpful advice.

Bravo to my neighbors, who’ve ripped out their front lawn and replaced it with native groundcovers woolly stemodia (Stemodia lanata) and sedge (probably Carex texensis), accented with xeric specimen plants like Agave parryi var. Along the foundation, under a limbed-up crepe myrtle and Texas mountain laurel, variegated flax lily (Dianella tasmanica ‘Variegata’), bicolor iris (Dietes bicolor), and a few flowering perennials are planted on either side of a paver path leading from the driveway to the front door.
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I'm Pam Penick, a dirt-under-my-nails, hoping-for-rain, spiky-plant lover gardening under the Death Star in Austin, Texas (zone 8b).

Here's where I share all the gardening goodness I can dig up, not just in Austin but wherever I go.

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