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Marcos Ramirez ERRE, Crossroads (Border Tijuana - San Diego), 2003, aluminum, automotivep aint, wood, vinyl. Explore unique, site-specific sculptures and installations in the picturesque seaside Edwards Sculpture Garden. Yesterday I had a chance to go to Niki de Saint Phalle wonderful and magical sculpture garden in Escondido - Queen Califia Magical Circle. From the parking lot, you walk through California scented herbs and see the garden in the distance. After visiting the Queen Califia's Garden, we will head nearby to Escondido's Art Center Museum.

The exhibition features paintings of local Escondido architecture and scenes of the San Diego Bay, as well as images of boats and trains which were the artist’s specialty.
Collection Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, Gift of Ron and Mary Taylor to honor Martha Longnecker, Founder, Mingei International Museum of Folk Art. I have heard of her other sculpture garden in Italy and saw some of her work in the Museum of Modern Art in Nice. Light made his mark on North County San Diego beginning in the 1980s when he moved here and founded Studio West Gallery. He served as the President of the Board of Directors for both Watercolor West and the San Diego Watercolor Society.

Its the only sculpture garden created by an internationally renowned artist who passed away several years ago.
He also served on the Board of Directors of several organizations including the La Jolla Art Association, the San Diego Art Institute, Rancho Bernardo Art Association and the Big Bear Art Association, among others.

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