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The size of an actual garden is too cramped for the indoors, which is why you should set aside your visual interpretations of the old gardens you are used to.
So whether you have a nice flat fifteen floors up or a quiet rented apartment in a four story walk up, you do not have to feel like you have been deprived of the pleasure of having your own indoor garden. Many people live in apartments and condominiums that provide little to no space for having a garden. If you miss having a garden to come home to, then read along and see how you can manage your own personal indoor garden. Indoor gardens rely on innovate potting solutions when it comes to providing plants with that they need to start working better.
And sunlight does not naturally enter the indoors, you should situate the plants in such a way that they are reached by direct sunlight.
Though having a flower garden inside the house is quite difficult, there are many other indoor plants that can still add to the beauty.

Whether you put them in individual pots or let them hang from the ceiling, you can enjoy living in the presence of plants that help keep the air clean and your home beautiful. Unlike in suburban areas where gardens are present in almost any home, there are actually a lot of places that prevents people of having a garden. From crystal soils to sponges there are many different technologies that are applicable in providing you with various methods to grow and water your plants. What ever decision you choose, make sure that the indoor garden plants get a sufficient amount of water.
If you have a penthouse sunroof, simply placing your plants underneath it may be more than enough.
Examples of such indoor plants are Areca palm, Lady Palm, Bamboo palm, Money plants, ferns, etc. Study their different watering needs as some plants cannot be watered too much but at the same time, need more than one watering per day.

When all else fails, you can bring plants out to your patio or over the window railing in order for them to get the right amount of sunlight. Do not leave the plants outside as indoor plants usually are not able to handle heavy rains or prolonged exposure to the sun.
It is one of two plants I liberated from the compost heap of a garden I was visiting a few years ago.
His books include The Startling Jungle, Scent in Your Garden, Real Gardening, and Gardens of the National Trust.
He has a jam-packed one-acre garden in north Wales, and a small balcony in London (two pots).

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