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Even though no deer stop by to browse in my suburban backyard, I understand how frustrating it can be to have deer as regular diners.
In her new book, Ruth Rogers Clausen has catalogued 50 plants with features that aren’t appetizing to deer.
Instead of fences, sprays, or repellents, she recommends creating gardens with deer-resistant plants. Even though the majority of the book covers ornamentals, Ruth also has a chapter of culinary herbs she rates from 7 to 10 on her deer resistance rating scale.
The deer-resistant herbs with these high ratings include basil, Greek oregano, rosemary, sage, and thyme.

I like Ruth’s approach to her book because she helps gardeners understand deer behavior before describing the deer-resistant plants and how to use them in the landscape.
Even if you don't have deer in your garden, it is a beautifully-photographed guide to some little known, and quite stunning plants. It seems the squirrels always know which tree is my favorite or which tomatoes I’m looking forward to eating. One of my friends lives in the mountains and assures me her 16,000 square feet of deer-fenced gardens are the only way to grow. As an expert plantswoman, award-winning garden writer, and former horticulture editor for Country Living Gardener magazine, she has a unique perspective for keeping deer out of gardens.

The scale ranges from deer sometimes nip off flowers, but leave the foliage alone to deer avoid the plant altogether. Many are on sale at garden centres and if you plant them now, they settle in nicely over the winter.
The theory behind deer resistant planting is that many stunning plants are unpalatable to deer because of their fuzzy leaves, poisonous tastes, and tough or spiny textures.Oriented towards the USA, there are different species of deer in different areas.

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