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You can continue accessing the garden plans that you have produced after your 30 day free trial has expired to make changes or updates as the season progresses. When you come to plan next year's garden the Garden Planner will remember your garden layout and where crops have been grown in previous years.
Your real identity and ip address is visible while downloading torrents.If you use BitTorrent, you absolutely need to take precautions to hide your identity. Our Terms and Conditions only allow people in the same household to share one Garden Planner account.
You will only receive emails you opt-in to, such as our newsletter with the personalized reminders of when to sow and plant the vegetables in your garden.

Just start the Garden Planner, then log in and click the 'Subscribe or View Account Status' button. No, the Garden Planner simply uses Adobe Flash player, version 9 or above, which is installed on well over 98% of all internet-connected computers.
As long as you have tried waiting for the Garden Planner to load then you probably need to give your computer a bit of a helping hand. In order to keep the loading speed of the Garden Planner to a minimum we can only include common vegetables and fruit in the Garden Planner. This is often something that confuses people and gardeners have many different opinions on it.

Yes, just view the Succession Planting video on the start page of the Garden Planner for details of how to do this. In addition the Garden Planner shows you where to avoid placing plants, based on your previous years' plans, which makes crop rotation simple.

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