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Despite a few omissions, this program still stands as a handy tool for anyone who plans a garden or landscape from the ground up. Memorial Day is in sight and, here in the Midwest, that means the start of gardening season.
Photo: DIY MavenSpeaking of landscaping, SBP is great for it, but if your intention is to plan a vegetable garden, get ready to be frustrated. Like PG, MEN asks for zip code but not just to recommend plants for my part of the world, but to keep track of frost dates. As far as summaries and printing goes, MEN will produce a Parts List (accessible via a tab at the top of the page) for the hard stuff, like how many feet of fencing you need to enclose your garden.
Backgrounds are architect heavy, so right away you can tell this is a planner that is NOT suited for vegetable gardens. Of all the planners on our list, BHG is the easiest to maneuver, but that’s because it doesn't allow for much customization. It should come as no surprise to those who've read this entire post that this planner is our best performer. When people ask me for tips on planting a garden, the first thing I do is admit to the numerous mistakes I made when I planted my first outdoor garden. If you can afford to hire a landscape architect or a garden designer, you should consult with one. You don’t need to be a landscaping guru to be able to use a variety of free online garden planning tools. Garden Planner 3 from Small Blue Printer is available as a web app, and a downloadable tool. In the example above, I laid out three raised beds with the beginnings of a Three Sisters Garden in about 5 minutes and took a screenshot to give you an idea of what is possible. Not everyone who wants to design a garden layout wants to grow a vegetable garden, and maybe a head-on view of the garden would help you visualize plants and their spacing better. What’s really cool about Garden Puzzle is that it allows you to drag and drop plants and objects on top of a background that may match your current home or yard.
In the example above, I chose a pretty common outdoor space that many may recognize and started layering plants and a few accents to give you an idea of what Garden Puzzle looks like.

Gardener’s Supply Company is offering an online tool to help you plot out your vegetable garden. You have the ability to print, email or edit the preset designs.A  For example, if you like the All American Garden with the exception of the kale, you can open it for editing and choose another vegetable. If you aren’t partial to any of their 6 preplanned designs, you can design your own kitchen garden on their planning map. The section on Step-by-Step Planting Guide is a brief introduction into the process you will need to take to get your vegetable garden up and growing. They also feature a Vegetable Encyclopedia.A  Each page highlights informations and growing needs for all of the vegetables included in the planner.
At $20 a year or $36 for 2 years (and a 45 day trial), it is the least expensive garden planner with the longest trial period. This time, we are asked to enter our  zip code for recommended plants, which are alphabetized. Simply click the plant (in alphabetical order) you want from the database at the top of the page, plop it into your garden, and drag it to the space you want to occupy. Basically, you pick your background, select your structures (like those raised garden beds, or sheds, benches, pots, etc., which you pick and plop), choose your surfaces (lawn, mulch, brick, etc. Instead of designing a garden layout I jumped right into gardening and started planting plants where I could fit them. For those of us working with tight budgets (or the DIY enthusiasts), sitting down and drawing what you want your garden to look like is an option. Go out into your yard where you would like to plant a garden and sketch out the area you have available for planting. If you spent years planting and maintaining a garden on Facebook, you can design your own garden in minutes. You can get a lot more creative with your garden plan by adding decks, lawns, pools, hedges, fountains, trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, vegetables, and experiment with different styles to match your garden vision. There’s a tremendous selection of plants and trees to choose from along with structures ranging from basketball hoops to garden sheds. If you’re looking to learn how to design a garden layout, give these two tools a try or conduct an Internet search for some more DIY garden design software options.

But if you’ve got dreams of a creating a beautiful yard, this might be the planner for you. That said, I see this version as being good for brainstorming but not for serious landscape planning. Years later I’m still paying for this mistake that could have been easily avoided if I had sketched out a garden plan in one wintry afternoon. It doesn't matter if you can’t draw; nobody besides you ever has to see your garden layout. Updated on Apr 10, 2012One thing I forgot to mention is that this program was developed in Australia and assumes garden styles and plant species that are typical of that climate. That means I could only fit four “corns” into the corn space in my garden, which I drew to be an ample 15' x 30'. It’s packed with objects and plants to populate your garden, as well as information that would turn any brown thumb green. Now this might not seem like a big deal, but SBP has a print function that tabulates how many of each plant you need to populate your garden based upon the total number of icons you pasted into the garden, NOT based upon suggested spacing for the plant. No, there isn’t an elevation feature, but with vegetable gardens, flat is good—unless we’re talking elevated beds, which are still flat.
However, we wish the program included several templates for houses so you could spatially arrange the garden around it. In all, I’ll give Small Blue Printer a solid B+ for general landscape planning (it would have gotten an A if it had an elevation view), but for vegetable garden planning, I’m afraid it gets a D. Now draw in your raised beds, planters, flower beds or anything else you want to add to your garden. Refer to your garden sketch when you’re determining what kinds of plants you want to add and how many you have room for. Still, we think Garden Planner can be useful for a number of folks, whether they're new home owners, landscape architects, or just gardening enthusiasts.

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