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Designer Outdoor Patio HeatersAttractive and functional, our line of Designer Outdoor Patio Heaters offers extreme comfort, warmth and attractive design for your favorite outdoor area. Our patented heavy duty Black Wall Mounted Infrared Patio Heater introduces a new revolution in outdoor heating. When you decide to invest in an outdoor patio heater, choosing the right heater for you may prove to be a little bit difficult as there are so many different kinds on the market. Unlike traditional patio heaters, the mesmerizing column of flames produces warmth across its entire lengths keeping the heat closer to you while you're sitting rather than only heating the area above your head.
It's unique pyramid design is like a piece of art for your yard, it combines form with functionality and will accent any patio with its beautiful lines.
Don't let its good looks fool you, this heater's all metal construction is tough enough to withstand whatever mother nature can throw at it. This propane patio heater from Palm Springs is finished in hammered bronze and stainless steel, meaning it can stand the test of time.
This uniquely designed outdoor heater features a pyramid design that houses a ceramic glass flame tube that measures 50 inches. Simply add a 20 pound propane BBQ tank (not included) to this outdoor heater and you’re good to go.

It has an output of 40,000 BTUs, and will provide heat in all directions, while creating a visual flame.
This Fire Sense patio heater will heat a diameter range of 18 feet, and keep you and your guests warm. The patent pending technology makes this patio heater 90% heat effective and runs off standard household 110V current. Gas powered patio heaters are a fantastic choice because of their portability, and many have wheels so they are easy to wheel around to different parts of your backyard. These gas heaters typically range in price from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on their size, power, and design. Sitting around a patio table during a cool night will be a lot more enjoyable with a tabletop gas heater. The pagoda shaped top spreads a diamond pattern of warm fire light all across your entire patio.
The seamless stainless steel door on the front of the heater conceals the temperature controls, solid state push button Igniter, and a full sized 20 lb. This patio heater from Muskoka Lifestyle Products has a weather proof rating of IP65, and puts out 1500Ws of heat at 110Vs.

With an output of 41,000 BTUs, and a heat range of 115 square feet, you can stay toasty warm, even on cool days. It has an output of 34,000 BTUs that will heat up to a radius of 15 feet, via variable heat controls. Adding an outdoor patio heater will keep your backyard warm and enjoyable every night of the year, and also make for a beautiful eye-catching feature. Tabletop gas heaters are also a lot more affordable then either an electric heater or a standup gas heater. It will run about 10 hours on the highest heat setting with full tank of propane, but on its lower settings it will run substantially longer. Adding a couple tabletop gas heaters to an outdoor patio table will light up the area and make sure those shivers are none existent.
Lighting it couldn't be easier, just turn the knob to the light position, push the igniter to start the pilot, than choose your heat setting.

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