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The first step to creating your Paver Path is to determine your project area, paver size and type, and quantities required. For our purposes we will be creating a path 20 feet long and 3 feet wide using 12-inch x 12-inch paver stones.
Before laying the pavers, we need to prepare the area by plotting out the path and clearing away any grass to a depth of around 4 to 6 inches.
Give your garden some direction and charm by laying a path made of bricks, stones or pavers.

Since we know the length and width of the path we’re creating, finding the square footage is a simple matter of multiplying the length (20 feet) by the width (3 feet), giving us a total area of 60 square feet. The pavers will be laid out in pairs of two with 6 inches of space between each pair. Use stakes and string to mark out the course and finished elevation of the path.Then use a shovel or tiller to clear the area. For larger areas, you may want to consider a powered tamper, which you can rent from your local Home Depot store. Using the measuring tape, begin laying out your paver stones, double-checking distances as you go along.

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