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Instead of an expensive, labor-intensive formal path, save money and time with one of these casual paths. Three common types of mulch suitable for paths are wood chips, cocoa bean, and cypress bark. Although the original purpose of creating garden pathway is to serve a practical purpose, it is also an important constituent part of the garden. A garden path doesn’t have to be long, or even particularly winding, to be something special. The answers to many of life’s most puzzling questions may to fall right in place as you’re wandering through the garden.
Though the garden path of life is often embedded with certain obstacles, the stones you carefully set along your garden pathway will serve only to add shape, texture and variation to each step of the journey. Gardens are sanctuaries, a place to escape the maddening din of the world for a bit of quiet contemplation.
If you feel as though you’re being led down the proverbial garden path, with this last image perhaps you have an argument. Now that you’re inspired, check out our instructions on how create a garden walking path. These Christmas light ideas include oversized candy canes, tomato cage Christmas trees and even a DIY light-up sign.
Creeping thyme grows from 2 to 3 inch gaps between sandstone pavers in this garden in Old Snowmass, Colorado.
Stripes of thyme running between 2 foot-square sand-washed concrete pavers stripe a winding path in Alamo, California.

Yarrow and grasses moderate the path’s edges (Design: Mathew Henning and Heather Anderson, Oakland). Designer Brenda Gousha planted two 6 foot long folding hedges of Carolina laurel cherries (Prunus caroliniana) and ran a 2 foot wide path in the middle of them.
Landscape designer Mary Baum transformed the unused back half of this Portland driveway into a curving path, making space for a lush garden bed to the side (More: Reinvent your driveway). A 6 inch-deep ribbon of soft pink sand meanders through beachy grasses (including Sesleria and Muhlenbergia) in this Malibu garden.
Degraded-granite steps edged with concrete nudge this path upslope in a backyard in Portola Valley, California. A curved path, high walls, soft greens, and a bubbling fountain make this Southern California garden a reassuring escape. The broad path connects the gate to the front door. A flagstone path in Pasadena leads through a garden underplanted with New Zealand flax shrubs and grasses. Blue-leafed groundcovers make a delicate tracery between pavers. The next garden path was created out of sectioned pieces of tree trunks and was part of an instillation at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show. The final example of a garden path I really liked was also part of an installation at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show. Winding paths across this Asian-inspired tropical garden pond invites a slower pace, giving pause to appreciate the natural beauty all around. At this spot, a yellow-glazed container grab the eye at the end of a lavender-edged gravel path (Design: Lucinda Lester, Lucinda Lester Design, Santa Barbara).
I really like the blue stone and the way it is picked up by the plants along the path, but mostly I like the uneven placement and the way the designated path seems to break apart and dissolve into the gravel.

A better job could've been done in installing the bricks but what I like about it is that it uses reclaimed bricks and gives the temporary garden a feeling of having been there a long time.
Before I used the pavers in my garden I collected a tree stump from the alley near my house because I wanted to create a path just like this.
The garden was called Dancing Stones because of the way you had to skip and across to the path. If so, share photos of it on the Chicago Gardeners flickr pool, I'm still looking for the perfect idea to steal, I mean borrow, for my little garden. Let us just say in our defense that it is a brilliant example of the mesmerizing effect you can achieve in your own garden with distinctive pathway landscape lighting. The footpath, whose pavers are set on a 4 inch layer of compressed sand, leads to a kitchen garden. You can't see it in the photo above but there is blue beach glass mixed in with the gravel that sparkles in the light. The design element of this path I liked the most was the river stone incorporated into some of the rectangular slabs.

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