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Joe Eichler’s former Palo Alto office has been returned to life, rebuilt, its interior redone, and its landscaping in part restored and in part reinterpreted. Miller has written and lectured on Royston’s work, and on the history of modern landscape architecture in general. The landscaping is closer in keeping to the original design than the architecture of the building itself.
A Bob Royston plan for an entryway that was never built for a proposed Eichler subdivision recalls the landscaping for Eichler's office building and may have been its inspiration.

In recreating portions of Royston’s design that had been wiped away, including the southern garden, Miller had to do some conjecturing because no original plans remain. Landscape architect JC Miller based his work on the original landscape plan by Robert Royston.
The permeable paving is new, and is set off visually from the original Royston concrete to differentiate new construction from historic. Also remaining from Royston’s initial design are his characteristic circular fountain, circular planters, and circular concrete pads.

Miller, who knew Royston well, believes Royston based his design in part on a plan he’d recently done for an entry that was never built for an Eichler subdivision in Sunnyvale.

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