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Garden gnomes are considered a symbol of good luck, and they're darn cute to have decorating your garden.
Kimmel Gnomes makes a reproduction of an antique Irish leprechaun for the garden, complete with a shamrock in his hat and a pot of gold. Fine Garden Products carries six different sculpted cement leprechaun statues, but he look more like young Irishmen than traditional garden gnomes.

Lilian Vernon sells a hand-painted resin composite Linus the Garden Leprechaun figurine ideal for outdoor display. Once you find the leprechaun garden gnome that's just right for your outdoor space, let him be your lucky charm for a bountiful garden season! If a gnome on it's own is lucky, what could possibly be luckier than a leprechaun garden gnome to adorn your outdoor spaces for St.

Web retailers are savvy and use the word leprechaun as a synonym for gnome, although anyone who knows a thing or two about mythical dwarfs will recognize the difference.

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