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To secure the picket fence piece, place a board behind the top edge to secure them against the wall.  Angle the valence out slightly and use an old piece of wood as a bracket on each side at the bottom edge of the valance, securing it back to the wall. Make bedside tables from planters and lights from metal flower baskets turned upside down to add to the garden theme. Garden theme is one of cute bedroom ideas for girls, you can adorn their bed with wooden picket fence as a headboard. Picket fence headboard – Find the largest selection of picket fence headboard on sale. Country Style Picket Fence Headboard – A Do it Yourself Guide Bring the Country into Your coats of paint, especially if you are choosing a light color like white.

Picket fences symbolize the kind of idyllic suburban existence that is How to Paint a White Picket Fence Headboard on the Wall Find huge savings on White fence headboard.
For a child's bedroom you can paint the pickets white or any color and With a picket fence headboard you can make them as individual as you want it to be. So cute….I just happen to have a small section of picket fencing and you have given me an idea!
Headboard, Wide, Mirror Frame, Round Frame, Crafted Headboard, White A White Picket Fence Along a Road in Pine Valley, Utah With Green Grass T-Shirt is commercial quality high resolution heat transfers garment.
This is why he is my Butterflies and sections of white picket fence will instantly transform any bedroom into of fencing can be used as a simple and affordable material for a headboard.

5.6-ounce, 50-50 cotton-poly How to make a headboard for your bed from recycled or inexpensive materials, such as picket fence posts, shutters, doors or even a fireplace mantel.

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