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A carefree cottage garden of herbs, annuals, perennials and roses surrounds Lucinda Hutson’s purple casita in Austin, Texas. Beautiful, festive presentations of food are probably what she’s best known for, and the herbs in her garden are the flourishes. Facing the street are annual flowers, herbs, roses, vines and perennial shrubs and trees, all thriving in the carefree confusion of a cottage garden.Hutson is a culinary writer, garden designer and lecturer whose book The Herb Garden Cookbook (Univ. The cozy backyard garden is infused with her spirit—her affinity for all things Mexican, her collections of primitive folk art, her humor and grace and, above all, her love of plants.Cozy and ComfortableLucinda’s garden is a living example of how to make the most of a small space in an urban setting.

Although the entire lot is just 50-by-135 feet, it’s all the space she needs to entertain, explore, harvest or simply hang out."It was the herbs that did it," Lucinda says, recalling the beginnings of this garden extravagance. The front-yard cottage garden has a breezy, welcoming style, while the rear garden is framed by large vines, such as passionflower, honeysuckle and coral vine, giving the area a cozy intimacy. A yellow wall holds a collection of Mexican children’s chairs, which seem to float in the summer air.This garden is guaranteed to make you smile as it reveals its secrets. Decorative tequila bottles line a walkway and whole wine corks serve as mulch for the garden beds.

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