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This application is incredibly easy to use, yet perfectly effective and it allows you to visualise your ideal 3D garden for free!
Not only does this fantastic software allow you to design and visualise your perfect garden, it provides you with a plethora of advice, too!
Shoot can not only be used to help you design your garden, but is also a tool for carrying out plant research. Suitable for personal use or for professional landscapers, this free software allows you to do many different things. Let us know about your experience with whichever software you choose in the comments below! Despite their strong reputation in both the residential and the commercial sector, it seems that Marshalls have decided that they need to make an even bigger impact in the world of garden hardscaping, and to ensure no-one misses the point, this month sees two major statements of intent from the Yorkshire-based manufacturer. In a move that has cowed many of their competitors, Marshalls have agreed a somewhat expensive three year deal to sponsor the world's most famous garden event, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, due to take place this week in that London. Obviously, such a bold move has sparked a deal of discussion in both the hardscape sector and amongst the nation's gardeners. Meanwhile, back to the online world, and the green-fingered theme is continued with the launch of the Marshalls' Garden Visualiser, a free-to-use, online software app that is intended to help with the design of gardens and landscapes.
As with the Driveway Visualiser, the software allows users to upload a digital photie of the area in question, and then use the impressive array of tools to 'paint in' walls and paths, patios and play areas, and a selective range of garden buildings.
Design takes place in "real time" and Marshalls state that over 700 "photorealistic" products images are available, along with 180 laying patterns for the various paving products, which encompasses their enitre domestic range, including the sheds, gazebos and greenhouses.

The Garden Visualiser, and its more established sibling software, are superb examples of how the web can be used to best effect, by offering a service that can't be replicated in a catalogue or brochure. I'm sure many DIYers will find this to be an engaging tool, and they can gleefully spend an evening or three playing around with their ideas, but contractors and full-time designers are likely to find it too limiting, too prescriptive and, most importantly, too slow. A great garden design is one that fulfils your visions and aspirations, wholeheartedly, be that a beautifully manicured low-maintenance space, or a contemporary design that wows your friends and neighbours.
Marshalls assesses certain skills and capabilities that members have demonstrated in specialist areas of landscaping which are reviewed periodically by Marshalls assessors to ensure that the skills are current.
You are able to choose from a wide range of block paving and paving slabs, walling and edging for your garden. This ability to look into the longevity of plants, their care needs or their possible varieties means that you can make your garden perfect for your needs and desires.
Create your own bespoke step features, garden walls with pillars and garden paths, even add an image of your own home! Not content with sponsoring the whole shebang, they're also building one of the big show gardens, designed around the theme of Sustainability, with solar panels, water harvesting, and rubble-filled gabions, all put together by landscape makeover specialists, Scenic Blue, who, following their recent conquest, are now another limb of the Marshalls corporate body.
The app also includes a series of "interactive tutorials" hosted by telly gardener Sven Wombwell, aimed to make the design process more rewarding for the novice user.
At Leicestershire Garden Design Company we can provide the finished landscaping or driveway design that will give you the years of enjoyment that your investment will deserve. You will also be able to include ponds, paths and buildings with this very user friendly piece of software.

However, as seems to be standard practice with the latest versions of the Marshalls website, it takes an age to get started, even with an 8Mb connection. Once the plot is designed, you can save your outline by giving it a name and an email address, and then move on to the more detailed planning. Even with so-called "high speed broadband", downloading a software application of this size and complexity is not something that happens in seconds, and to develop the application to a point that would meet the demands of professional designers would only slow it further. Available on both Windows and Mac platforms, when you have finished your design plan, you will be able to export the image of your plan, create a video of it, or print it off!
It will also allow you to design and choose anything from ponds, sheds, outbuildings and fencing. It's not intended to be AutoCad or Sketch-Up; it's a free, online tool for simple garden design, aimed at one-off or occasional users, and when judged from that perspective, it's a definite winner. If there’s something you’re unsure of, the software will allow you to save your plan to edit it at another time!

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