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You may be frustrated by the state of your garden, perhaps it’s overrun by weeds and lacking serious attention or maybe you want an outdoor area to entertain with friends and family. We give each client the individual treatment they deserve, consulting with them on all aspects of their specific garden. Sandra, the managing director of Flourish, has written a number of articles for various home and garden magazines.
Enhance your home with new garden designIt's important that your garden is designed and constructed to suit the surrounding area and weather conditions.
Stunning features for your gardenIt's amazing how much a new feature in your garden can improve your property. Regular property maintenance Tree cutting, stump grinding, weed spraying, hedging work - these among other regular property maintenance jobs will ensure that your gardens are well maintained throughout the year. Our landscape designer will first examine the functionality of your outdoor area, before focusing on how best to maximise the appearance of your garden, while keeping in line with your expressed wishes.

Garden design is about creating and transforming outdoor living spaces as well as the lives of people who inhabit them, as well as adding real value to your home no matter the scale or the budget.
Her unique insights into the world of landscaping have been published in Homestyle, Alfresco, NZ Backyard, and Garden Design Ideas magazines.
Our award-winning landscape design concepts have been revitalising gardens right across Auckland for over ten years. Our garden landscaping contractors will provide expert advice and services to ensure the best results are achieved. We help our clients visualise and create the best landscape design possible, so they can get on with the things they really want.
We offer garden consultations, plant sourcing and supply services, fully rendered landscape concept and planting plans, and measured advice backed by years of industry knowledge. No matter what your individual needs or preferences, our passionate, experienced design team will be able to craft the perfect solution for you.

Aside from simply ripping out weeds and replacing with new, more suitable plants, landscape and design companies can makeover the entire area. From creating a great outdoor entertainment area to designing a tropical garden area, the options are endless as to what your dream garden can look like. Hardscape landscaping can include a variety of different aspects, including fence building, deck building, pergola building, planter box design, concreting services, new driveways, garden and timber edging and new pathway building.

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